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A's Mom

Proud Parent
Nov 30, 2018
Is there a list of A/B/C/D skills? I'm trying to find it but I suspect I'm not using the right search words. Ha! My daughter just competed level 6, and we found out she could do 8 next season. Her coaches were talking about composition requirements and I guess I thought it would be easier to look those up. It's just for my own curiosity, but I'd appreciate your help...and videos of level 8 routines! And stories about the jump from 6/7 to 8 for your kid. I hear it's a big one.
I went to the link and I still don't see a list of what exact skills are A/B/C. I swear I'm normally not this helpless.
Read this thread for more information about the new Google eBook version of the code...