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hi ya'll!
I just got my front tuck on floor two days ago. i used to have my back handspring too, but i haven't done it in a while and my coach won't let me. I really want to learn new skills and i just don't see when that is going to happen because we have competition season and then we have summer training for next year's competition but never really a time when we focus on learning new skills. any help? thx!


New Member
May 7, 2010
New Jersey
Congrats on the front tuck!!!
BHS kill me too. I think my back tumbling passes are the most on-and-off skills I have. Don't give up!! Can you still do your BHS on tramp or tumble track?
My team usually gives more effort to working on new skills during late spring/early summer. My coach has us thinking all the time on new skills and how to up our scores, but we really only practice new skills over the summer, or if we miraculously have our routines down perfectly. So I'm not sure what you should do about that! Sorry :/


Oct 5, 2010
The West Coast, USA
Gj on getting your front tuck :) Have you asked your coach why they won't let you do your BHS? Did you lose it completely or do you still have it on TT/Tramp? If you're worried about not learning any new skills, ask about a private lesson or two from the coaches at your gym, or maybe consider joining a tumbling class on the side to get your back handspring - we have a local gym for cheerleaders that some of our gymnasts will go to to accelerate their BHS learning etc.

Also, if none of those options are viable, you could simply ask your coach if and when you'll learn new skills/work on your BHS

Best of luck to you :)
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