Skin the Cat

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Invisible Duck

Oct 22, 2007
In the level 3 routine (Australia) there is a skin the cat. they start in inverted pike hold and must return to the same position.
The boys I coach have no problem getting in to the skin the cat as they have good shoulder flexibility. But.... returning to pike is another matter! They just cannot pull themselves back up and have horrible bent legs kicking everywhere!

Does anyone have any ideas for specific strength or drills to improve this skill?? Thanks :) :)
My first words to you would be practice, practice, practice. Then have contests/challengers btween the boys, even old boys like me still want to outshine the other males. We also do leg raises, v snaps, v sit ups.

What they have to do in their routine is difficult but if you are positive with them about their progress and they are positive with each other the improvement will happen quickly.

I just spot them through the skill, trying to spot them as lightly as I can so that they'll build up the necessary strength.
Not open for further replies.