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Jan 9, 2008
Daughter has her state meet next weekend. She got invited to her friends sleepover party the night before which she wants to go to. I already discussed with her the possibility of her having to miss it if it was early Sunday morning and she was fine with this. But because she does not have to be at the meet until 5pm sunday night she wants to go I could pick her up early sunday morning and let her rest. I hate to tell her she can not go because she has already missed alot of parties this year due to meets ( she is fine about missing parties for meets and practices because she understands if she wants to stay on the team that is what is expected of them and never complains about it ) I understand her point of view she will have most of the next day to recover for the meet but part of me thinks she will not get sleep and it will effect her performance at the meet and then she will be mad that I let her sleepover. Am I crazy for thinking this way she is only a level 4 and just turned 9 . I am trying to leave the decision up to her and she wants to go, she usually can sleep anywhere and she will be at practice for 4 hours on saturday so I am sure she will be tired. Any thoughts?


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Jan 4, 2008
I would let her go if the meet is not till 5 PM. Its not the sleep I would worry too much about but all the over stimulation and junk food. But when she gets home from the sleepover she will have time for a good sleep and a good meal to get her back on track and she should be fine by 5 PM. Even if she doesnt sleep I'd lie her down with a DVD or something quiet to do during the day and some good food and she'll be ok.

Gymnastics can have a very, very big impact on a kids social life. After having to say no too many times to things, a lot of the other kids will just stop asking them to come. I would let her go whenever you can.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Also, make sure she gets a good night's sleep the night BEFORE the sleepover. My track coaches used to say that the 2 days before a big race is more important for sleep than the actual night before. Have you ever noticed that the day after you didn't get a lot of sleep you are fine but then it hits you THE NEXT DAY? It takes your body a while to catch up on the lack of sleep, so therefore the reverse is true also.

I would let her go but pick her up somewhat early and let her rest at home before the meet like the other posters said.


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May 21, 2008
OK, I hate to go against the grain here... but I don't think I would let her, especially if they are they type to stay up really late. My dd calls that type of sleep over and "awakeover". Anyway, states are only once a year. Can't they do the sleep over a day earlier or a different weekend?
Feb 26, 2007
I would say the worlds loudest NO. Our coach would say the same thing. No sleepovers the week before a meet.

Unless the Mom can guarantee your DD will be asleep by her normal time (which she can't because she is not supermom) your DD will be sleep deprived for her meet and most kids do not sleep during the day to catch up. SHe will end up jittery and nervous.

I would tell her all the reasons why she can't do it, then I would offer to have a MEGA, post States sleepover party for her gym pals. Play it up and have her help you plan.

Really can't thing what Mum thinks WAKEOVER the night before States is a good idea.

As always JMHO.
Sep 2, 2007
I would let her go for the party but pick her up around 10 or 11 pm. She could at least go to the party and still sleep in her own bed. Her team is counting on her and if she is anything like my dd's the day after a sleepover is not fun.


I also would not let her go - it is a bigger meet and the odds are high that she won't get much sleep at the party. I am pretty hard hearted about these kinds of things, though, because I know how hard my dd trains and how dedicated she is - I think at this age they sometimes need a little nudge to make the "right" decisions.

We have a teammate who decided to try snowboarding about 6 weeks ago (through school) - of course she ended up tearing something in her knee and has had to miss 2 meets as well as over a month of training, right in the middle of competitive season. She is heartbroken, and while I respect her parents decision to let her go snowboarding, I also questioned it at the time because of the chance of something like this happening.

Not that your dd is going to break something at the party :) - but I think that if she is over tired at the meet and doesn't perform to her best, she is going to be disappointed, too...and that it is our job as their parents to steer them in the right direction.

I like Bogwoppit's idea of a "make-up" sleep over, that sounds like something I would do, too :D

Jan 2, 2009
I'm with Gymbrats mom or Bogwopit. Find an alternative! States are a big thing for the team and the girls, and you want her to be at her best. Even letting her sleep during the next day messes with her normal sleep rhythm, and you can't do beam when you're groggy (I can't do it at all, but I know my kids can't when they aren't completely with it;))

You aren't in PA, are you? That is the exact time for our L4 states.

Nov 9, 2007
Such a hard decision, but I would go with the pick up at 10 pm idea. It has always been hard for my DD to balance school friends and gym, but this is something that has worked for us in the past.

I have always been wary of planning things in meet season, but it always seems like things come up. Only you really know your daughter well enough to answer the question, which will bother her more, missing the sleepover or doing less than her best at the meet. I think an early pick up the night before the meet will accomplish both. After all these are still little girls, if she is upset about missing will she really sleep well?
Jan 9, 2008
I believe our session got moved up to 12:30 so now I am leaning more toward just letting her go the night before and not sleeping over. I discussed it briefly with my daughter who is not to crazy about this idea. It is a hard decision since she is still young and only a level 4. I know my daughter will not be happy if she does not do well. Snowbound we are also in PA.


It is so hard to balance everything isn't it. I think with good planning you can make a compromise work. Early nights and no junk food the week before. Pick up at 10 and ask the party people to limit her junk food at the party. Have a sleepover later. She is old enough to understand responsibility to her team and herself.

Tell her she is amazing and GOOD LUCK at STATE
Sep 8, 2007
I was going to tell you yes I would let my dd sleepover but now that she is competing at 12:30 I would have to say no also.To make her feel better I would plan a sleepover party at your house.My dd would not be happy about it either she is miss social.
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