WAG Slight Arm Bend

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Feb 27, 2015
6 year old in training for team has a slight arm bend in all skills. As an example, when not up against wall or mat, handstands and bridges are a struggle for her to maintain pushing through shoulders and keep elbows locked. Freestanding on the floor the skills are relatively strong, but still always with slight arm bend. She does have good overall body awareness, shoulder flexibility is good, and she has very strong arm and core strength (noted on bars in particular). There appears to be no injury or physical constraint. It's not a severe arm bend issue where there is "risk" of hitting head to floor on back walkovers, etc. However, the issue needs correction as with all events there is slight arm bending.

What has helped in this scenario other than directing to "straighten your arms" constantly?
No video at this time, but appreciate the offer to provide feedback following visual. Parent, former gymnast and former coach. Agreed, 6 is still a development stage. However, hoping to create strong foundation following coach feedback.
She might not even know the difference between slightly bent and all the way straight at this point. With my kids around that age I am constantly showing them straight and the difference between "not bent" and "straight"- I even have some bigger kids that struggle with it. She'll get there.
I'm confused. Is it structural or not? Most if not all of the kids I've seen with persistent arm bend don't have what I'd describe as "good" or fine shoulder flexibility. If it's structural, then there's likely no way to completely eliminate it. If not then conditioning and time...because the kids bend their arms and legs all the time. It is literally the most common form error. Being stronger will help. Working on more basic skills and drills that isolate correct movements will help.
Thanks all. I don't believe it's structural nor does the coach. It seems that the natural or comfortable state of the arms is always slightly bent. Arm extension and locked out elbows seems to be less natural than with some others at the same age. She does do very well with arm/shoulder stretching though, so it's physically possible.
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