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Our 5 and ups practice at the same time. They group though as just 5s and then 7 and up. we have no 6s.

They tend to hang out with their groups on breaks at parties, etc. but they also tend to be of similar ages.

This is sort of what I'm asking. All of our optionals train at the same time, but they tend to divide along level lines outside the gym, not as one group of optionals, like they did before.
We have about 20 optional girls and they all train at the same times except 8-10 go 5 days and 6-7 go 4 days. I can never really tell how the kids are split during each session. Seems to be mostly skill based but when a girl finishes her assignment she moves to the next event so it seems that you hard ever end with the same group you started with.
We have way too many optionals to be in one group. They don't practice on the same days so to some extent I would guess it kind of splits along the lower optional levels and higher optional levels, but I don't feel anyone goes out of their way to make it that way (i.e. It's not really exclusion, just kind of how it is).
Our 6 and ups train "together." I say it in quotes because they are frequently together for conditioning and drills tumbling wise, but on bars/beam/vault they tend to separate more along the 6s/everyone else line.
Our 6+ all train together, all though outside the gym it's more divided by age and then by level. When we do travel meets and we at the hotel, or even out to team dinner I find the level 7's and 8's all hangout together (minus my oldest dd because she's not really close with any of those girls although she's level 7) they are all older than 14. Then I find all the level 6s that are older than 13 hangout (plus my oldest dd) then it's the level 6s that are younger than 12.
4/10s, 3/9s 2/8s 3/7s 1/6/and 1 diamond are in one group. There is another mixed group of 6s and older xcel golds A separate group of younger excel gold training 6/7
Our Optionals (L6-L8 and Xcel Gold and Platinum) all train together. They range in age from 10-14... my YG is the only 10 year old (and is in 4th grade)... and we live in a different town than everyone else. The other girls all pretty much hang out in a mixed level group (9/14 were on the Jr. High team together too, so they are all 7th-8th graders). YG is friends with some of the girls, but only hangs out with one of the 7th graders outside of gym.
Our 4+ train on the same nights. the groupings are 4's, 5's (with 2 4's some nights), 6/7s, 8+10. This is the first year we have had 2 training groups of optionals, and it has been rough with names given to the 6/7 group. (b/c they are not seen as "real" optionals by the 8's.
We have a small gym. About 10-12 optionals. We have levels 6-10 with xcel platinum and diamond (and 5's who are doing a split season of 5 and 6) train together. Xcel silver trains together. Level 3's together. And level 4's and beginner 5's together. The whole team warms up together, but then after that it's a split up training session.
Yep. All together. That would be the one level 9, the four level 6's, and the two soon to be optionals...
Old gym L6 and up train together.....ages 10 and up.
New gym also, L6 and up.....however, I think this will be changing soon, since there will be a large group of 5s moving up this summer. We will see how they do it.......it must be divided up since there will be 20+. Age as range from 9 yo up.
Our optional group splits in two for workout and don't interact that much. We split into lvl 6+ 3 lvl 7s (11) and lvls 8-10 + 1 lvl 7 (6).
Our 4+ train on the same nights. the groupings are 4's, 5's (with 2 4's some nights), 6/7s, 8+10. This is the first year we have had 2 training groups of optionals, and it has been rough with names given to the 6/7 group. (b/c they are not seen as "real" optionals by the 8's.

Yep, DD's 6/7 group gets plenty of flak too.
I guess I didn't really answer your question. Our optional group does some group activities and they usually sit together as a large group at team events. But, they definitely do break out at times into smaller groups. Those groupings are more age related than level related. The teens (levels 6-9) can be seen together at meets. The 9-11 year olds (levels 6 and 7) hang out as a small group as well. But they mingle well together and are often seen in mini gangs with all of them wandering as a group.
We are a small gym with fewer than 20 optionals, mostly L6 and L7 but also a handful of L8s.

All optionals warm up together. Then they break into groups mostly along level lines....all the L6s go off and rotate together. The two or three strongest L7s go work out with the L8s to make the second group. Then the final group is the remaining L7s. This puts our groups in the 4-7 size and our coaches event coach.
Our optionals all train together (we only have 5 girls, L7-10).
We have a lot of L4s this year, and they, plus the optionals, all sat at one table at our banquet in December - 18 girls at a table meant for 10 :) They all shared chairs. It was wonderful to see!
It's kind of nice to see that there are a lot of other small gyms! Our "optional team" is only 9 girls, and three of those are actually doing Xcel gold this year. I guess we're kind of in a transition period from what I hear.
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