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Jul 19, 2023
hi! i'm an aussie level 5 WAG gymnast. my club is relatively small on a regional scale, especially my level, which only has 3 competing gymnasts and no current potential level ups. i've always struggled a little with keeping up, but i've consistently bounced back and even gotten some really good places considering where i was at the start of my levels. but this year, level 5 has been my biggest struggle ever. i don't have all my skills, and am constantly playing catch up. i injured my back recently and replaced skills in my floor routine, can't kip (but am SO close, it's driving me mad), and my roundoff back handspring exists only on air track. the other girls in my team have more skills, one is a little firecracker who had all her skills in level 4 and is constantly upskilling, and my best friend who has shot up from level 3 to level 5 in the space of a year. we have the same skill set, except she has her kip. what can i do? i'm constantly feeling like i need to push harder, but i don't have the energy. my competition results have been disappointing to say the least, and i'm always trying to stay my usual happy, sassy self so no one thinks i care that i'm not where i need to be, but inside it's killing me. this sport is my life, and i don't want to let down my little 6 year old self who was so in awe of girls like me, competing levels i am now. any tips are appreciated. thank you for listening to my spiel
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Put a load of unpopped popcorn into a pan and turn on the heat. Even though it all looks the same and is exposed to the same temperature change, it doesn't all just go "poof" and pop at the exact same time. But it does all get there in the end. Don't judge yourself relative to others, focus on your own progress: keep plugging away and you'll get where you're going.
If you do t have your kip or your round off back handspring competing level 5 will be very difficult. You won’t be able to score as well as you want and you will feel behind. You would be able to experience a lot pore success if you stuck to level 4 while working level 5 skills.
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