OT Snow Day!

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We had a snow day today. No school, but this is the year we have to actually make it up on may 25( th epredesignated snow make up day) If we get another though, we don't have to make it up. I went down and talked to the superintendant w/ my dad, and played around w/ my new cell phone.
I was just on the phone with my Mom. She is a fourth grade teacher in Wisconsin, they had no school either. It's times like these that make me happy I moved to California.
Sometimes I could do without the snow, but I don't really mind!
We live in California and we get snow days too. We haven't had any this year so far, but last year I had to leave my coaching job before I was done twice. The first time was really scary because my car alternator went out on the way up the hill. I had to drive about 16 miles around really twisty windy roads with no headlights with snow coming down. There was literally no place to stop. It took me over an hour to drive that 16 miles. It was awfull. The second time I made it home faster but I had to drive about 40 miles out of my way to do it, and I still had to stop and put my chains on.
I know. I was watching the traffic reprt. At some times, an 11 minute trip would take you 83 minutes!
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