OT Snowbound: Son Stuck at Newark Airport.

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Son just called from Newark Airport on his trip home to St. Louis for the holidays.

Due to conditions: "All flights Cancelled!"

No rescheduled flights available until Sunday AM at the earliest, and no confirmations of those until Saturday afternoon at the earliest.


We're hoping to get him a bus to Pennsylvania and he can stay with his grandparents over the weekend. Otherwise... I hope the airports seats are more comfortable then the HARD plastic ones that I remember.
Feb 26, 2007
Your poor boy, that really bites. Travel is hard enough at the holiday season without snow storms.

Hope you can hook him up with some family. Hopefully he has some money to tide him over until you can plan something.


You might try checking flights from JFK. It's about a 1hr cab ride from Newark.


Ugh, I hate Newark Airport so much!!

Wonder if you can book him on a flight from another airport? He could take the train to Philly or Baltimore Airports from Newark and maybe the weather is better there.


Yikes - that is terrible. I hope he finds a way to get somewhere other than an airport seat !!!! Of course reading about all the wicked weather up north is making me really glad we went up to NY this year for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas.
Nov 12, 2007
New England
It was mentioned before, but Amtrak runs from the Airport (and I think NJ Transit does as well), you can go north or south from there either back into New York or down Philly, Baltimore, I think i'm forgetting a city in that too.

Road conditions may still be pretty bad out there too.

I sincerely hope he makes it where he's going all right. All the best luck!


The trains almost always run during snow, even when the roads are completely iced over. A train won't slip off the tracks like a car would slip off a road, because it is on a track!

From Newark Airport you can take a monorail from the terminals to the train station. Then if you take the train to Philly, you can get another train to the airport there. From Baltimore, the airport has its own train station. And in Washington DC you can take the Metro to National Airport or a taxi to Dulles. You can also go the other way into NYC, Providence, Hartford, Boston, but when weather is bad in NYC area, its probably worse further north. This advice according to my dad who travels a lot.

I'm IMing with my cousins in Potomac, Maryland (outside of Washington DC) right now, and they say there is no snow there...yet.
We'll we got him on a Bus to Grandparents home late PA Friday evening. He was supposed to take the bus back Saturday afternoon, but the saturday flight was also cancelled. Next flight... Sunday 7 AM.

He called Sunday at midnight to check status -- good thing. Because the Sunday flight was now cancelled. They say the next 'possible' opening is Tuesday!!

Trains are all booked full. No dice there. Even Greyhound (last resort) is full.

He let the airline know that he'll fly out of Philly, or even Pittsburg, but Continental is giving him the run around saying his ticket is only valid from Newark. Bunch of horsehockey if you ask me.

We're just glad that grandparents are home and he has a place to eat and sleep. I cant imagine what the other folks that are literally stuck in Newark (ew!) for 4 days!


eek that sucks! i hope your son gets home.

how much snow have you guys had? we've had about 4 or 5 feet in the last week or so with temps at below 20, so i definitely feel for you.

:crosses fingers for your family being together for the holiday:
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