So about the women's team finals?

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So what were everyones thoughts about womens team finals???

dissapointed? bitter about the possible age issue?? how about alicia?? the teams reaction to her after floor?? nastia's bars?? shawn stepping out on floor?? how bout nastia's element on beam, is it the liukin?? anything else u wanna add??

Just kinda wondering what everyones thoughts were...
Gold would have been nice. But, not sure we would have gotten even if we pulled everything - I think Shawn was robbed on execution scores on beam and floor. Possibly Nastia on beam as well.

Did not catch the reaction when she came off floor - I must have been typing in chat - what happened?

I think they should all be proud for what they have each accomplished.

I feel horrible for Alicia - it is obvious that she is devastated
yes it was obvious she was devastated =[ i just noticed it seemed like there was some initial sort of cold feeling toward her. marta didn't seem to have much encouragement and then none of the girls really rushed to get her back on track, but its a tough situation to be in i imagine...i certainly wouldn't have known what to do.
I think they just didn't know what to say or whether to say anything to her at all. A lot of people don't really want fake sympathy or reassurance in that situation and especially with Alicia being the one who often seems to be in the position of a leader and getting everyone on track, it really threw the dynamic off. She knew what happened and there just wasn't much to say. Her face said it all. I actually thought it was kind of sweet how Martha just reached out to her and then let her go. I would still guess she mostly just wanted to be left alone after that anyway, and there were still two more routines up.
I stayed up and caught the medal ceremony, and they interviewed the team. By the end of the interview Alicia was crying, or at least the tears were there ready to fall. They interviewed her first and she kept it together till they were interviewing the team and Shawn said how strong of a person she thinks Alicia in. The lady interviewing them, too, first when she was just talking to Alicia she flat out asked "Do you blame yourself?" Poor Alicia having to go through that interview!!

I enjoyed the team finals. I felt bad for Alicia. I really got frustrated when my 6 year old asked why they were sad when they had WON silver (I almost don't like her to watch the Olympics because I tell her all the time that winning isn't important).

They are humans. Humans make mistakes. Sometimes it just happens, no matter how prepared you are. I am very proud of the USA team. They WON the silver. They didn't lose the gold. At least in my very humble opinion.

The Chinese gymnasts were amazing. They deserved the gold. It isn't their fault if it is true about their country falsifying their ages. They do what they are trained to do and what they are told and the did it and it was great.
I thought the scoring was really harsh for everyone- Nastia and Shawn's floor and Nastia's beam in particular. I think, on the day, China were the better team and I guess with the home advantage and everything they weren't going to take anything but the gold (despite my predictions. oh well)

Poor Alicia. If she hadn't fallen on beam she would have been fine on floor, and even before she saluted you could see how nervous she was. Beam isn't her event and putting her on it first probably wasn't the greatest of tactics. She's a great gymnast and certainly isn't to blame.

The USA were brilliant. They've got nothing to be ashamed of. Second in the world certainly isn't terrible.
I am still so sad for Alicia. Her deductions alone didn't make up the difference - but being the 'team leader' she most likely is questioning whether her falls effected the dynamic of the whole team and inadvertently effected the other performances as well. She waited so long, worked so hard - boohoo. Anyway - hopefully she will medal in the vault finals. Shawn and Nastia still have all arounds and event finals which they should both do very well in.

Aside from all that - just having made it to the olympics is a major accomplishment. They are coming home with silver medals around their necks. They did great.
I think that they did the best that they could and the falling and stepping out was all nerves!!! I do feel sorry for Alicia but she still is an amazing gymnst and silver is still pretty amazing!!! I was pretty mad when they were interveiwing her because of the questions that they asked her it just made it worse for her. Shawn was right when she said that Alicia is a strong person cause you would have had to been strong in that interveiw!!! I thought the team did amazing!!!!
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I feel horrible for Alicia. It was obvious how devastated she was. But, that is just the nature of the sport. You're not always perfect, all the time. I think she is fantastic and a vital part of the team. I agree with everyone else, silver in the Olympics is a brilliant accomplishment! I was so proud of our gymnasts! China just happened to have had the better day.
ok i suppose i can answer my own post.
i am so proud of all those girls and especially my wisconsin girl chellsie!!!

i agree with i heart beam about soe of the scores i thought nastia's beam score was a bit harsh. and shanws floor too.

and i'm sure alicia is in such a tough position i feel for her.

2nd is great though!!!!! =] way to go girls!

hopefully event finals go well for all of our girls! =]
It almost seemed like the judges rather would have had the Chinese win. Did you see their routines and then their scores for both teams? They didn't match. Li Shanshan's beam routine was pretty overscored no one can deny that. She should never have gotten credit for that two foot layout. Plus a vault and bars were like that too, but I don't want to sound like a sore loser so I wont point all of them out, but they were definatly being overscored. But they deserved it because they were the best team that day. I feel bad for Alicia because really you can't deny that it was her fault. And trust me I am being nice about it. If you heard some of the stuff on my other forum you would be in shock they were definatly pissed off at Alicia. I feel bad for her, but I'm not going to deny it she really did mess up that day especially because she was sapose to be the captain. But there are other chances at gold medals and its not the end of the world. Congrats to all the athletes!
I think that the judges gave the Chinese better scores than they should have on beam, you could tell even the comentators thought that they should have deducted for some of the balance checks and other little mistakes. On the other hand I think that they were hard on both Shawn and Nastia on beam. I dont know if the judges wanted China to win on their home turf but the way they judged both teams makes me question it a little..
I felt so bad for Alicia, the look on her face - you could tell she felt so much pressure before the beam routine, I think that she knew with the Chinese fall that they still had a chance. Seeing her fighting back the tears in her interview was heartbreaking. She is a great gymnast and I really hope that she does great in the vault finals. I hope that Shawn and Nastia win gold and silver (in whatever order) in the team finals too!
She should never have gotten credit for that two foot layout.


Some scores went differently than I would have thought as well, but I didn't see any two foot lays on BB that would just blatantly not get credit. Did I completely miss something? Li Shanshan is the one that does BHS step out, double down, two foot lay, and then a swing down right?
I'm extremely proud of the girls for taking home the silver medal!! I'm not sure about the math, but I think even without our mistakes near the end, we still probably would have gotten the silver.

It does hurt a little bit though when I start thinking about the possible rules violations by the Chinese, but there's really nothing that we can really do about it so I guess instead of focusing on negatives we should focus on all of the awesome things we did last night.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say we take Gold at London 2012!!:D

Some scores went differently than I would have thought as well, but I didn't see any two foot lays on BB that would just blatantly not get credit. Did I completely miss something? Li Shanshan is the one that does BHS step out, double down, two foot lay, and then a swing down right?

yes sir ree. She pikes it down so much and she still always scores higher than Nastia and Shawn. So far Shawn's and Nastia's routines were the best of the Olympics, but they arn't getting the scores to show for it. I don't know if they ever will.
I see what you mean but I'm not sure if it's really enough for her to not get credit. I'd say she's stretched for the majority of the salto. I don't really know the exact definition under the FIG code, but for NCAA and JO you get credit as long as you maintain a stretched position until you're parallel to the floor (stomach down). I realize the FIG code is obviously harder in a lot of ways but I'd still imagine they credit a salto that is stretched 3/4 of the way through as a layout, possibly with an deduction for hip angle or chest down on landing or whatever else is applicable. I think Shawn's leaps are going to hold her back (but boy can she tumble down the beam - she is by far my favorite to watch) but I do think Nastia's routine is incredible and has better rhythm, poise, and presentation than some of the Chinese team members who do have good execution of the gymnastics elements.
I felt soooo bad for Alicia. They showed an interview of her after the olympic trials and she was talking about how she didn't make it to the 04 olympics and she got tears in her eyes just thinking about that.. She said right now I would still have been sitting in my hotel room crying.. So I wonder what shes thinking even now a day after it.... I didn't see the interviews but I will have to watch them because I taped it. Alicia has like been one of my favorites for a while. I think that same interview after the olympic trials she said you gotta take it like a man and suck it up. That just made me like love her more. haha.I LOVE YOU ALICIA!!!! Not to make me sound like a crazy Alicia stalker or anything.
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