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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Well, DD has finished her first week back to full practice since her injury. She has a meet the weekend of Feb 7/8. She has learned all of her routines already and is working on getting them down and pretty.

Thankfully she does not have to do the dreaded mill circle (which she did tonight for the first time in two months and exclaimed "I can still do it it's a miracle !!!") because her arm is not strong enough to support her full weight for her leg cut. That will come I know. But no set backs at all.

She is happy as can be and even doing ROBHS's w/o a problem and it is even in her floor routine.


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Sep 25, 2007
That is great news! I am sure she will do wonderful and will probably just be so excited she gets to compete. :D


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Mar 1, 2007
WOOHOO! Good news! Glad DD is happy to back to normal again and hasn't forgotten that dreaded mill circle or ROBHS. She'll be fine for her meet, she must be super excited!


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Feb 26, 2007
NOw that is great news, she must be one happy little gymnast.
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