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Jun 18, 2022
I feel so frustrated that My daughter , a level 9 , always resisted to change team .
Especially we recently changed team a little more often because of COVID and Her original team was dismissed.

We are in a small gym without pit with more hours and optional experience. But I feel the coach of beam and floor is kind of loose , not so strict to students. However the head coach is very committed and a very good coach for bar and vault. Her bar and vault scores improved, the scores of beam and floor didn’t have any improvement . And only 4-5 optional students in the team .

Do you think it is good to switch team on this level? Should I keep her there because she didn’t want to move.


Mar 20, 2022
I understand where both you and your daughter and coming from. Changing gyms is always an adjustment and your daughter may be scared of a change. If I were you, I would encourage your daughter to just try out another gym or two to see if she likes it. If she doesn't think the other gym is a good fit then she can stay at the current gym or she may see that this gym suits her better. Best of luck to you!


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Aug 7, 2018
My 2cents, ask her and yourself, why are you doing this gymnastics experience? Just for an activity or outlet from school, etc? Doing it for higher aspirations? Depending upon your answer to that question then I think you would know if you should push a change or not. As long as they are in a safe environment that they enjoy, there is no inherent reason/need to change gyms unless you have other goals or factors outside the gym (moving, new job, etc) that force that.


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Aug 22, 2008
I agree with gym_dad. Talk with her about her future goals and see if they align with the current gym situation. If they do, then keep her there. If not, discuss with her the reasons why a gym change would help her achieve those goals.
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