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I am so proud of my daughter and I just wanted to share it. My dd is almost 7 and had her first night of awards at the gym. She will be competing level 3 next year. She did her level 3 routines last night. She did the best she has ever done on bars and completed her entire beam routine while staying on the beam. She has some things to perfect over the next few months but that is okay. Does anyone else's gym do end of the year awards?
How very exciting for your little one medic:cloud9: , I am sure she is beyond ecstatic - our best wishes to her as well in her next competition year!!

we had awards in rec gym, but not in club gym... what a great idea that is :)
Congrats!!! My gym does an end of the year show where each group of gymnast gets to show their own dance/gymnastics routine that is put to music. It's always a blast to watch the event.
She did not even realize how good she did. It was so cute. She definately does better with a bit of pressure. She has been struggling with bars all year. Six months ago she would not get on the beam. She had a nasty fall in September. If she did beam it had to be on the floor. Now she will get up to the high beams. Tomorrow she has the second night of awards. This is for her advanced class.
Congrats to your dd for her great night! We have an end of year banquet for the team girls---the rec classes do a little fun type competition. No awards are given to the team kids except a new one for academic excellence. The girls got recognized if they had a 3.5 GPA or higher for 3 out of 4 academic quarters. Each quarter names are also put up on a large plaque in the gym.

This gym is very touchy about awards. At the team banquet, the parents write up a little summary of their daughter's season which is then trimmed down if someone writes too much. Coaches can only make a comment about their favorite memory of the team. They used to talk a little about each girl, but parents complained that their darling didn't get as much time as another on the team, so they cut it out.
We do an end of year clubcompetition. So just the selection girls, there were 19 in total, but 2 didn't compete this time. Some are now leaving, so some new little girls should join next season. The trainer puts them in small groups of the same kind of level, height and all that.

Talitha didn't do so great, went of beam twice, but her bars were really nice. You can look at the films in this forum.
For team we have a banquet. The coaches give a unique award to each gymnast and talk about her.(ie Most Garceful or Hardest Worker) They also name team leaders for each level.
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