So sweet!!!!!! Help please?

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Hey there!
Soooo you got new grips:D thats awesome!
Taking care of your grips is pretty easy but when you get new ones, it's important to break them in and get used to them. So to break them in, just do some easy skills and as you get more comfortable try some harder skills. It usually takes a month before they're completly broken in. You may find that the finger holes of your grips are too small so whatever you do DONT CUT THEM!!! Instead use some sand paper, roll it up and sand away:)

Lots of people say not to use water on your grips but I really wouldn't bother paying attention to that. My friend has second hand grip that where 2 years old when she got them and she's had them for 2 or 3 years and she uses tonnes of water.

It is OK to have second hand grips but with your own grips don't lend them out to other girls...
I read in a gymnastics magazine that the grips can mold into the other gymnasts hands and when they are returned they will be uncomfortable..

Have fun with your grips! hope this helps:D
Not open for further replies.