So the kip fairies finally made it!

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Feb 26, 2007
It seems that the kip fairies finally arrived at the gym tonight after being stuck in customs for months. I arrived at the gym, it was evalutaion night, and guess what? Bitty Bog had got her kip!:D

She of course was elated, it has been the most trying thing for her for months. I of course never made a big deal of it, told her it would come one day etc etc.

The irony is that tonight was the evaluation for which level she would compete this season. The coach of course thought she would repeat last years level as the kip was a new additon to our P2 level this year. This new skill arriving has thrown it for a loop.

Now Bitty has a big decision to make before tomorrow at 8am as tomorrow the names have to be submitted for the season.

She can compete the same level as last year, but she will have to drop one day of training as they have a max of 9 hours at that level (like L4), she has a very good chance of placing well and getting to provincials (like States). Of course if she drops one day of training she will not be able to uptrain very much as there just isn't time.

Or she can go up to P2 and be really challenged and will not have a chance at provincials as only the top 32 out of about 300 get to go. But she will get to uptrain as she still can train 4 days a week.

A very big choice for a 10 year old. The coach is leaning towards going up to P2 as she thinks BB loves a challenge and not working on new skills until next May will be hard on her.

Insight anyone, hard to remove oneself sometimes.

But she got her KIP!!! YAY:D:p:cool:


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Dec 9, 2008
Yay! Congrats to Bitty Bog!!! I have no insight, I'm sure whatever decision you come to will be the right one. But hooray for the kip!
P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2!

Can you tell I have an opinion?!?!?!


1st of all, her chances may drop, at getting to Provincials, but I don't think it's fair to say she won't get there! She might just surprise she did with her kip!!

I'd choose P2 for the benefit of uptraining. Bean wouldn't be happy, simply working the same skills day in and day out, so I can't wrap my head aroung the idea of BBB enjoying it either.

Kids usually step up to a challenge, so unless it's not financially feasible, I don't think you should withhold it from her.

Good luck making your decision, and good luck to BBB this season!!

I hope you cracked open the ice cream!! I may just have a few scoops in her honour as well;)


Whoohoo! Congrats on getting your kip! Big decision but I'm sure together you'll make the one that's right for BB. What a fun problem to have to solve!
Feb 26, 2007
I hope you cracked open the ice cream!! I may just have a few scoops in her honour as well;)

It was too late for ice cream tonight, so she asked if she could order a kip cake to share with her gym friends. But feel free to celebrate for her, I think I might go for a beer instead!


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Mar 1, 2007
WOOHOOOOOO! Congrats on the kip baby bog! All your aunites (and some uncs too) here at CB are so proud of YOU!

I say go to P2, if she is anything like my DD she would be up for the challenge! Hope you celebrate, it's one of those skills that just make it all worth it!


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Jul 25, 2008
Way to go Little Bog!!! :applause:

We were actually in the same boat as you. dd just got her kip finally a few weeks ago. She's making them now but they are hit or miss still. Sometimes she will make the low bar kip and miss the high bar kip or vice versa. We were given the option of going back to L4 again or staying in L5, competing L5, but possibly scratching bars for the 1st couple of meets. dd did not want to go back to L4 , as she has worked so hard at L5, and her floor and beam routines are looking really good. Therefore we opted to stay at L5. Her kips are coming along, so we are hoping for the best. She always seems to surprise me, so we'll see. I would say that given the fact that your dd is 10, that she might enjoy more the higher level. It will give her something to work towards. However, you know your dd best, so I'm sure whatever you decide will work out. Good luck!
Mar 5, 2008
North America
WooHoo!!!!! Congrats to Bitty Bog!!! That kip is such a trying skill, isn't it?? Since my dd is 10 as well I can give a little advice, or at least share some insight. She is in 5th grade this year, right? Since this is her last year in elementary school (not sure how they do the school grades in Canada), I would let her do the P2 this year and uptrain. Just because NEXT year she will probably have a much bigger workload in school (Dani will be in middle school next year and I hear they have tons of homework). So, let her have the challenge this year in the gym--she may or may not make it to Provincials, but just the thought of a new level and new skills is always exciting! Jumping ahead here, if she has to repeat P2 next year, at least she will have all her skills and she can really focus more on the schoolwork without worrying too much about gym, because she has already done P2.

With all that said, GO FOR IT!!!! Let us know what she decides. Give her a big high five and a hug from me and Dani!!


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Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Yay Bitty Bog!!!!!!! So proud of you for working so hard for so long to get your kip!!! Persistence is definitely a huge asset in gymnastics and you are obviously hardworking and persistent!! :D

As for the decision, I bet she will make the best decision for herself. She has a really great mom and I am sure has a really good head on her shoulders. :) I would vote for going to P2!!


Ok, KIP is on, L2 is on.........I really really would not hold her back, let her go and see what she does.........she's a bit different from her big sis, I think.....and the experience alone will be worth it. And you never ever may be her break out moment :) we all have them.

Sooooo, as CGM said ever so well - P2P2P2P2P2P2P2P2P2 - end of story. She won't ever regret it.



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Apr 14, 2009
Region 8
Congrats on getting that kip!!!
I think I would let her move up and be challenged. If she understands the full scope of things and can handle the disappointment if she didn't make provincials then I say go for it.
Feb 26, 2007
THanks for your great replies. She read them this morning before we talked. She thought some of you were very smart! Thanks for all your great words of praise and wisdom, it is amazing just how much this board gives back to it's members. Thank guys!

SO she decided to go up to P2 because she wants to uptrain, not cut back her hours and they do have the nicest leo in the club! I told her we would find ways of celebrating her successes with goal setting. She will also get to do the one away meet that we do, not far but it is in a big city and the team do stay in a hotel together.

Provincials here is very different than going to states. The top 32 who go is a very small number and most of the girls that make it train long hours, BBB does 10.5 in a big group with 4 different levels in it and one coach. Medalling here is a rarity as only the top 3 get medal and then 4-8 get ribbons, so there are many girls left sitting on the floor with nothing.

I know she could've done really well at the lower level, but I think another year of pullovers might have done her in.

So the skills she will compete are

vault - FHS over table at 115cm
beam - hs, cw ( or bwo if it is nice), full turn, salto or aerial dismount
bars - kip, cast, bhc, squat on, baby giant, tucked flyaway
floor - full turn, cw ro flick, ro bhs bhs or BT if it is looking nice.
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I think you made a great decision, and including bbb in the process was a good idea. She's a smart cookie, and she'll know what challenges the new level bring. If she doesn't make it to Provincials, there's still huge pride in competing at the more difficult level and strutting he new skills!

I'm so excited for what her competitive season will bring! The nicest leo is just the icing on the cake!!

Is her 1st competition the same weekend as Bean's? Dec 4-6th?
Feb 26, 2007
Yes H, her meet will be the same weekend as Beans. In the lovely city of Blainville, Quebec. Maybe I can add on a movie or some other treat to make the weekend special for her.

I think that playing up the pride in tougher skills is the way to go for her. I of course never see her train so I have no idea what it will look like. Now it's time for a new floor and beam routine and trying to get those skills looking tight.

Where is Beans first meet?


Congrats to Baby Bog on getting her kip on on a very mature decision to move up. I agree with what a lot of the othere posters said, that she would probably be bored staying back another year. She's got her kip, she's going to want more!!

WTG!!! :applause: I wish her the best of luck this season!
Our 1st is Georgetown. I was talking to an Oshawa mom recently, and I think Gemini is going, so Bean will face some of the stiffest competition of the season at her 1st meet! Boy those girls are coached to perfection!

It likely won't be the strongest placing meet of the season, lol, but at least we'll find out early what she's up against!

Right now though, I'm more excited about BBB's season then Bean's (shhh! Don't tell). I love hearing about other kid's accomplishments, especially when it involves a big move up! Plus, way less scary for me, teehee!
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