Parents So, whose off from gym tonight - Halloween

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Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
So who still has gym and whose dd's were given off tonight for Halloween?

Dd's gym is closed today, so YAHOO, no gym just trick-or-treating!!!!

Dd is 12 and is getting together with some of her school friends to go out - one of the few times she is actually just being a kid and doing as the others do, BUT it is back to gym on Saturday! First meet is 3 weeks away - need to train, train, train!
Our gym is always closed on Friday - Unless we have a meet that weekend and we will have a mock meet on Friday.

Wow, that must be nice - from a family perspective. Dd usually has gym on Fridays but gets done at 7:30 instead of 8:30, so a little break - BUT not tonight baby!!! ;)
It is very nice to have that time. Our gym is pretty small and is closed Fri, Sat and Sun. All training is during the week. L3 is M & W 4-6 (except for 3 L3's that go thur as well). L4 is M, Tue & Thur 4-6:30 or 7. L5 and up Mon - Thur. 4-7.

I think we practice less hours than a lot of gyms but our girls still to well at meets. I think they need time out of the gym.
Our Compulsories are still on, b/c they have a meet this weekend (the last one before States, eek!).

Our Optionals are off, lucky ducks! But dd DOES get out of practice 1/2 hour early (6:00 pm)...She is going home w/ a gymmie friend & going t-or-t'ing w/ her. But that gymmie competes Sat. afternoon, so they will not be up late. My dd's session is Sunday 8:00 am, one hour away, UGH! But at least we have daylight savings on our side, woo-hoo! :cool:
Our gym is also closed on Fri but open for training on Saturday.They adjusted the time to 11 am.Usually it starts at 9 am on Saturdays.
DDs gym is closed tonight as well, though I was going to keep her home from gym anyway so she could go trick or treating. You are only a kid once and Halloween is once a year. :D Our level 5s and 6s have a meet this weekend.
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DDs gym is closed tonight as well, though I was going to keep her home from gym anyway so she could go trick or treating. You are only a kid once and Halloween is once a year. :D Our level 5s and 6s have a meet this weekend.

MTE. ;) You're only a kid once.
DD went last night with her team instead of was very busy, but the girls all had fun. I don't think anyone would have shown up tonight...they normally practice 5:45-9:00 on Fridays, which is prime trick or treating time!;)
Our gym is closed, they will train tomorrow. I am sure nobody would show up if the gym stayed open, coaches included. No meets close enough to matter. This year we will be t or t ing in the snow for the first time, it is still below freezing too. Hard for those costumes to look cool when they have to put a down jacket over the top!

Son went as "Shaun of the dead" the main character from a British zombie movie, very funny. He wouldn't wear a jacket and is wearing a blood splattered dress shirt and is carrying a blood spattered cricket bat. I think they'll let him in school! I remember the days when all he wanted to be was a fireman!!
Our kids here in WI do not have school today due to teachers convention, so the coaches moved practice from in the evening to 8a-12noon, so Bug is currently at practice.

We have no practice tonight!!! Our practices are usually 5-9. So it is nice. We had pictures at Monday's practice. My daughter didn't go on Wed because we are nursing an ab strain. So it has been a nice break for both of us. :) But practice is tomorrow.
Public schools are out two-hours early here for end of the quarter. Practice was moved from 4:30-7:30 to 4-6, which means they will probably just do LOTS on conditioning. Practice tomorrow as usual. Hopefully they won't be too sore!
L4-7 usually practice on Friday nights. Today is an open practice (kind of like open gym) for all levels for those who want to come from 4-6pm instead. It just so happens that tonight is watch night too, so if she doesn't go tonight, I won't get to watch until the last Friday of November, which is also a holiday with no gym, so my DD is going for a little while, but since they said "open" we are only staying until about 5:30, so we will have plenty of time to get home and ready for trick or treat by 6pm.
All the compulsories at dd's gym are off tonight. The boys have practice, and I think the optional girls are there for at least a little bit tonight.
Normally on Friday, all the teams except for L6 have practice. The L6s do come in on Friday for about 2 hours to do a last run through if they have a meet on the weekend. Well.. our 5s/6s are doing a meet about 2.5 hours away this weekend and many are heading up right after practice tonight which ends at 6 pm(normally ends at 7:30). Kinda ruins their trick and treating, but some moms are trying to plan something for them before/after they compete. Lets say the HC wasn't the most popular guy around when they were told they were competing the morning after Halloween.

Gymmie has plans to meet up with her bff from school and hit the neighborhood running. They're going as "nerds." Then she's been invited back to her bff's house for a party and maybe sleepover. Practice is normal time on Sat., but I told her she can skip it. She's been working her butt off this month and a little down time is certainly due.
In our Gym only Optionals have Practice on Fridays. Today they ran an 'open door' practice for the first time ever. We live in an area where some schools were closed today. We also have some home schooled kids.. So, The Coach was a practice at Noon today, Practice ran until 8:00.. you could show up at any time and do work out.. DD went from 3 - 7. then went to a movie with a friend. No dressing up this year...

Middle daughter was an injured soccer player, little son was a doctor.
Normal hours would have been 4pm-8pm but, DD's practice was moved to 10am because there was no school today. Teachers had a staff development day. DD went trick-or-treating with a team mate and had a blast. First time ever to go without Daddy. They grow up so fast.:(
My daughter just had a pre-team class 4-5 yesterday but I was stressed. It is a half-hour away but I budgeted an hour to get there in case rush hour started early (it does here on Halloween) and we had gotten an invite to the zoo for Friday morning that I could not put off because I adore that friend and put her off all the time :( So we did not have jack o'lanterns at the house (DH carved them too early and they rotted and I did not get new ones done) and really, we did fine but we didn't have anything special for anyone who happened by our house during TOT. Plus DH worked his normal late sched and so I just abandoned the dark house to go TOTing.

I did get a chance to explain to her that this class was different from her classes last year and that attendance is taken seriously.
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