Sole Circles

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Rec Coach

Any tips on sole circles?? I've got a girl who's really close. She's got a nice pike on, a good pull back on the bar and gets almost around but can't quite stand back up on the bar.


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Jan 4, 2008
Make sure that when she pike's on the bar she is only putting her toes on, not the centre of her feet. That way when she gets back around the bar it will be at the centre of her feet and the weight will be distributed correctly.

Make sure she isn't banding her knee's too early, she should be just about around before she bends her knee's to stand up.

It can be a psychological thing, get her to imagine she is doing two sole cirles in a row so that she will keep going.

Make sure she is keeping her feet on the bar and not jumping off, get her to try to stay on and forget about jumping off for now, if they think about jumping off it often happens too soon.

If you have a straps bar practise in there.

Rec Coach

Thanks!! Those are all really useful tips and opposite of what I was doing! oops. I had her put the arch of her foot on the bar, thinking it was better because the foot wouldn't slip. But toes to start makes sense I guess.

She was also jumping off to reach up to the high bar but we'll go for 2 in a row first.

No strap bar....we're in a school gym and the bars we have are HORRIBLE. They are thicker than normal bars and more oval so it's a little scary to shift your wrists on them without slipping.
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