Some Good News and Bad News...well, that depends on how you look at it...

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hi All,

I just wanted to give you all an update on some stuff. The bad news is that we are definitely quitting cheer. Two kids just quit on dd's team so now we are down to 8 people. Just not enough to make a team. Plus, all the cheer stuff is starting to stress me out. I am telling the coach today when I pick up Dani from camp at the gym. Dani seems to be okay with the decision and is very excited for the gymnastics season. She gets her floor routine choreography next week!!! :D--so exciting!!!

The good news is that we went down to the dance studio where she took ballet and her teacher okayed her for the Intermediate/Advanced Ballet class starting in September :D. So, I think by focusing on gymnastics and supplementing with ballet is going to be the best bet for Dani this year.

So, thanks everyone for your words of advice and support while I was deliberating and debating this whole issue. :grouphug:
THat doesn't sound like any bad news, all good in fact. I think Dani would be a beautiful dancer.
oh! does she do JOGA? some of my friends i met at camp do that program. :D
Hey there MdGymMom! Sorry to have been away for so long. Looks like there have been some changes for Dani, while I was away. I wish her the best of luck this coming season!!! Getting her own floor routine, soooooo exciting!!!! I know she loves cheer too, but sometimes you just have to make a decision & stick with it. I think committing to gym(& adding some ballet) this season, is a great idea. Cheer will always be there should she ever decide to focus on that. My DD has already told me she doesn't think she can do gym & track this year(it was a killer schedule when she did both). She has also decided to focus on gym. I think just making the decision is the hardest part. Competition season will be here before you know it! Can't wait to see Dani's floor routine!!!!
Didn't realize you were back in cheer, going thru my own "drama" this Summer with gym change & missed a lot of posts here, but good luck in dance! I agree with what everyone else said, it will compliment the gymnastics very nicely and with your daughter's flexiblility she's bound to be a natural. I am trying to think of a way to squeeze in field hockey for my DD, with the new season change & level, I am thinking it might be too hard to do for both. Good luck to Dani & hope it works out & she doesn't miss the cheer too much.
That sounds like a great plan for Dani! I wish I had the means to put Bean in ballet, she's not a particularly graceful child, lol! With 3 kids, 1 activity each is all I can offer:)

I'm sure Dani will thrive, and it can only add to her already graceful gymnastics!

Good luck to her this upcoming season!
oh! does she do JOGA? some of my friends i met at camp do that program. :D

I am not sure what JOGA is but Dani is doing the MDL (Mason Dixon League) which is a separate league from USAG. We compete against other MDL's from MD, VA, and PA (I believe). It's a great league and Dani and her teammates love it! It's cool because they only have to do one year of compulsories (Level 4) and then the next year starts Optionals (Level A is equivelant to the USAG 5 skillwise, but they have more flexibility in the creativity of routines). So it is great for kids that get into the sport of gymnastics at an older age.
That is great!! I think ballet will compliment her gymnastics. I wish we could afford to add something else but with 3 kids you just can't do everything!
I hope she enjoys ballet. My daughter really likes doing dance and not only does it help with her gymnastics she does really well because of her increased flexibility from gymnastics. It is also nice because they have a recital and it is really fun for her because she can perform without the pressure of getting scored.
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