Some Serious Balance

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The little girl balancing is not mine, just an amazing act I found on you tube... here is another. Ok if this was my dd I would be terrified!!! Gymnastics is bad enough... these little ones are just amazing for so young.

Laney Madsen

Madie Rose

there is another one I found - but lost - of a dad swinging his baby around... it was terrifying to say the least, but pretty remarkable. I would have reported them (JK) lolo, until I found out that baby is now grown up and a level 9 gymnast... wish I could find it again. Sorry JBS, I can't embed it :eek:- whenever I try it does not work...
My daughter used to do that first thing... grab onto your hands and walk up to your belly and then flip over. The hard part was when she did it to poor unsuspecting people who thought she just wanted to hold their hands! We signed her up for gym class after she started doing a full run, hands down & then flip over at about 2 1/2 . I was afraid she would break her neck! I guess that would just about describe most of our kids here right?

The swing thru the legs on that video would have scared the ^%$#@! out of me though.
Wish I could do that I cant even do that
when my legs are against the wall! -_-
Not open for further replies.