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Oct 25, 2013
I am composing an imovie with our gymnasts. Can you please help me out with some newer songs that the girls may enjoy that would be inspirational.

Stand by Britt Nicole and Alive by Krewella! And I agree with the Fighter and Hall of Fame. Those are all on my Meet Pump up list when I am next up on beam and need encouragement ;) oh and don't forget home by Phillip Phillips!
Here's a picture of my favs.
You need to be careful what music you use if it is going to be used by the gym. They are getting tough about license fees. The music police shut ours down for awhile until they checked things out. They are also getting into floor music that has been ripped from YouTube, etc
This one is not really popular but I really like it. Let's be birds by Jacob Whitesides
Battle Scars I always seem to enjoy! You can make a lot of connections to Gymnastics rather than love!
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