SOOO frustrated! Splits help!

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Oct 5, 2008
I've been working on my flexibility lately and it's going well. I have my left leg more or less down, middle splits nearly down and my right leg in oversplits. I've been trying to what is basically this but on the floor ring jump2.jpg but with my foot touching my head.

I cannot for the life of my get my back leg to go up straight!
What's happening is the 'incorrect' on here I'm trying to keep my hips straight and stop my leg from rolling over but as soon as i go to bend my back leg it goes right out to the side. If i bend backwards and pull my leg over myself i can do it, so far that i can touch my nose! so it's not that i'm not flexible enough.
My coach had tried holding my leg in place xD! But gave up in the end lol.
When we're doing splits in gym we have to do 20 head/toe touches and i can't cause my leg just goes completely out to the side xD No matter how hard i try to keep my hips straight and leg not rolled over.

Any tips or exercises i can do to improve it? I've tried sitting in splits and just holding my leg where it should be even pushing it further in the other direction, and pulling my foot to my head. But still can't do it >_<
Feb 8, 2008
maybe if you try to over correct it will work. instead of aiming for your head, try to get your foot to touch your shoulder. Then if it moves over towards the incorrect side it will still be more in the middle closer to your head
Oct 5, 2008
Thing is i physically can't get it to go straight let alone over stretched =/
I've tried over stretching it by pushing it xD but i can't otherwise =/


That used to be my end pose in my floor routine *grin*

Are your hips square? If they aren't your back leg is going to turn up all over the place. You also need to have your back knee down on the floor, not turned out at all to the side. Does that make sense?
Oct 5, 2008
I'd like it as my floor routine ending too :D If i could do it properly ¬_¬

My knee is on the floor, but as soon as i go to bend my leg up, it turns out. And i physically can't stop it doing that!! I'm just weird xD


Jun 24, 2008
Focus on stretching your hip flexor and quad. I had a similar issue for awhile (but not as bad), but then I worked a lot of lunges with my knee bent up against the wall and lunges with a bent back knee on a mat a little lower than hip level (focusing on staying square), and it improved a lot.

Edit to clarify the second stretch-- stand with one foot on the floor, put your back knee on the mat, bend it, and lunge that way.
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