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Definately off-topic, but I thought I would share anyway.

Yesterday, we (meaning my wife Elly) had the pleasure of caring for our friends 3 month old daughter Tanya for a few hours.

While I was resting comfortably, flipping though channels, Elly calls me. "Tim, can you come here". I sigh... "for what?" I ask.

"Just come - Hurry!" she yells.

Requests of "come" followed by "hurry" usually mean she wants me to terminate some multi-legged creature that crossed her path. But knowing Tanya was with her, I rose to the occasion.

"What." I ask.

"Just watch!!" she says excitedly. She looks at Tanya, laying on her soft pink blanket on the living room floor, and says "Soooo Big!!"

I look at Tanya. Then I look at Elly, wondering about her sanity.

"Wait, she can do it..watch", and again looks to Tanya. "Soooo Big!"

I continue to watch. Nothing. Tanya doesn't budge.

"She did it.. Honest!" Elly claims.

"I believe you, sort of." I answer. "Can I go now?"

"No. Wait. It's because she knows your watching" she says.

"So it's my fault??" I chuckled.

"Are you sure she so-bigged? I'm not sure a 3 month old is capable of such advanced movements." I remind her.

"She is! She did it, really. Just pretend your not watching." she requests.

I'm not exactly sure what that meant, but to get back to my comfy chair, anything is worth a shot. So I pretend not to watch.

Elly trys again. "Come on Tanya.... SOOOO Biggggg!"

Tanya just stares at Elly's excited face. I pretend not to stare at Elly.

I turn to leave, and Tanya raises her arms over her little head, pulls up her legs, and holds a perfect gymnastics 'hollow' position while broad-smiled Elly cries and coo's ... "Sooooooo Biggg!!!"

"See!! See how cute!!. Now wasn't that worth waiting for?" she asks me.

It truely was.
Aw that's so cute, sounds like talented 3 month old. Much more fun that a multi legged creepy crawly bug!

I just love babies. if they didn't grow up I'd have more then my 3, but then I'd still have 3, agh you know what I mean, don't ya?

Grandkids will be so much fun, spoil them, play with them and then hand them back. That is a looong way away so I make do with playing with the nephews and nieces.
Aw, haha, that is too cute!!!! Much better than a bug, lol :)
Our friends know we're both suckers for babies. Which is why we end up providing emergency day-care when needed. We don't mind really. It's kinda fun when then are that little.

Some days we miss having a little one around.

But those thoughts don't last more then a moment or two. Especially when I'm in the basement wading through the mountains of toys and clothing. Despite my several warnings of bon-fires, and large trash pickups, the crap remains. According to Elly "We have to save some of it for our grand kids". She just has a hard time deciding what to save - so for the time being, we have to save it ALL. <sigh>
You can have my niece if you want, wee bugger is driving me up the wall. I think she's going to be a sprinter, she can go like the clappers in the baby walker LOL.
Awwww what a cutie! That must be one of the best parts about having a little one... watching them learn and discover things and start turning into the people they're gonna be when they grow up.
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