OT Spa nights for gymmies

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So I'll begin with what we do, then you can all add and we'll end up with an awesome thread.

Always begins with a swim somewhere, winter the pool, summer our pool. Healthy fruit fondue (but with choc dip). Followed by the hair wash salon, putting special conditioner in, this usually involves all three bathrooms at once and a lot of towels and water. Had to forbid the jets in the tub after the bubble debacle.

Followed by home made face masks, natural yogourt, honey and a bit of lime juice for the older girls, taste great if they get it in their mouths and doesn't sting eyes. Warm tea bags on the eyes and some relaxing spa music.

They always follow this up by the Nail Salon whilst watching a movie in the playroom with a ton of mattresses on the floor. Popcorn keeps them fed.

If it is earlier in the day we might make a sundae bar, mini brownies, ice cream, whipped creamed, fresh fruit and some m&m's, they love that as you can imagine.

Breakfast is either home made muffins, they make them or pancakes and fresh fruit.

I am planning to have 8 of the team girls over for DD's 12th in August, we'll do all of the above at our Lake house. They never get tired of the spa nights, and it really lets them relax.
Ok, YUM :yummy: on the choc fondue, Bogwoppit! Thanks! Love that idea.

So far, the ideas I am hearing (from one post here & one in the parent forum):

~facials/masks, w/ either cucumbers or tea bags
~hair washing and/or hair-do's
~Yummy food (fruit, choc fondue, muffins, smoothies, sundae bar)
~movies/popcorn (yes of course, we love chick-flicks!)

Question: How would one get some kind of massage in the mix? Is it too wierd to have like a massage therapist come to the house? DD loves a good massage, but I do not give them, nor do I like to receive them from strangers. But maybe a bunch of sore gymnasts would like it?

Since we moved, we don't have a hot tub anymore, but that would have definitely been fun.

Do makeovers fit in here, before the facials maybe?

And can you name some of your favorite, appropriate for 12 year-old-ish girls, chick flicks?

I'd love to hear more ideas!

Thanks! :p
my 12 year old loves some of the 80's classics...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is a great one.

HairSpray is a favorite..

Sleepover is good.

Anything with music.. you cant go wrong!
Not open for further replies.

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