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I`m online a lot, taking care of my website and forum. I love to travel - also specifically to gymnastics competitions, and there I do take photos. I also love languages - I`m currently learning Russian.
And I also like to meet my friends, watch TV and read books. :)
Spare time? What's that? I have 3 kids so I am busy all the time. School ended today so I do a get a little break with some of the activities but right now my 9 yrs old DS is playing traveling all-star baseball and I just signed him and my DD up for dive team in addition to her 11.5 hrs in the gym.
play chess with my 14 yr old, challenge my 12 yr old to dance, dance revolution & color with my 5 yr old :D... read, take pictures & I also only recently started to make video montages and really enjoy that as well :p
Most of the time I drive!:D DS and oldest DD are in school about 45 mins away, in the same town as our gym. Little DD is in school in our town, 1 min away. So I spend a lot of my life in the car driving to and from gym/school with various numbers of children. I also drive kids to and from friends places, and their friends live at least 45 mins away, if not more.

I love to read, surf the net and hang out with friends (known as the lunch ladies!).

I play Wii with my 15 year old son, that is his only excercise these days, fun though.

Girls love to swim, bounce on the tramp and both of those involve me being outside with them to make sure they stick to the rules.:eek:

I do cardio box and walk for exercise. In the winter cross country and downhill skiing are my favourite choices.
here is the latest update of my montage... PLEASE try to realize that my dd is no older then 5 yrs, 7 mos when any of this video was filmed & DO NOT comment on my dd's form, arm width, jumps, leaps, swings, smile etc, etc, etc :p this is just to share , some of the stuff is the same - inc the song, and the quality seems even worse... i know I am doing something wrong... I wanted comments/advice on the actual montage itself, which is why I am posting, but the quality is so bad it is really impossible to see all of the little details :( I would LOVE info on whether or not anyone has made montages and what software they used.. I am using a sony movie maker software and it is a little tempermental. The song seems on the sadder side, but it is for a reason. I am working on a more upbeat, cutesy video... Please be kind :rolleyes: I only recently started doing this, but really want to get better at it - it can be tedious but A LOT of fun!!


If you have trouble with this link, you can go to acidplanet.com and do a search by author, under gymchamp
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What is this "spare time" you speak of? Just kidding.Although that's how I felt from March-june while balancing track, gymnastics, violin, ap testing, work, and finals. Let's see. I run 1-2 hours a day. I love reading, although not working on my summer AP english and AP US summer projects. I pick up extra hours coaching whenever I can. Condition, play on my trampoline. Write poems, make collages(I am an obsessive-compulsive multi tasker. I make them while the tv's on) Oh yes and look for motivational quotes. I can;t get enough of them!
LGCM, Nice video of your DD. I can so relate, as I am currently working on making my first DVD of my DD's recent gymnastics show (her first) she was 5 also. As you said it's alot of fun, but can be very frustrating technically for a novice. I finally bought a program on the advice of friends who do this for a living. Pinnacle Studio $49. It seems to be working much better than the ones that were free with my computer. Anyway, good luck to your DD, it's clear she is enjoying herself and has great support from you. That's what's important.
Hey laurameer, I looked at the pinnacle studio as well... I bought the sony picture one because I thought it would be hard to go wrong, boy was I wrong lol. you will have to let me know how yours goes with your software. Good luck on your video!! It is so much fun:D
LGCM, well I finished my video and it was really quite easy with the Pinnacle 11. I would recommend it if you're going to be doing these frequently. Everything went smoothly, it's just a matter of finding the time to work on it. Lots of fun, and of course DD loves watching herself on tv now. :p
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