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Hi Sparky!

I just wanted to say, “GOOD LUCKâ€￾ to your daughter! I’m sure she’ll be great at her competition next weekend! It’s so nice that you have the reduced stress of not having to hit a certain score to compete at Provincials. You’re probably right about the numbers.

Last year, we had to hit a Qualifying score across 2 meets to go to Provincials. This year it’s been changed. We still have to hit a Qualifying score across 2 of 3 meets, but that only gets us to Ontario Cup. From that competition, the top 24 athletes go to Provincials!

Bog can correct me if I’m wrong, she is a gymnastics information Goddess!

I can’t wait to see her videos, and thank you for the kind words about Bean. I didn’t expect the big skills so soon either!


LOL, it all gets a bit confusing doesn't it?

Thanks for the well wishes, dd is excited to be competing her full on floor, as well as vault (that is, if she keeps sticking it this week!)

Our P2's have to qualify (top 6 in each zone) although there are usually several "alternates" that get to go as well, depending on how much room there is in each session.

I'll update after the weekend, "we" compete Sat. morning. :D
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