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Proud Parent
Sep 9, 2013
I know of a special needs/medical needs child who will be moving to CH, NC in March. She typically does a 1-hour private lesson each week. I'd like to be able to tell the family what gym to look into or even match them up with an instructor if possible. She does not have any behavior issues, just visual and balance issues. She loves gymnastics and wants to keep doing it as long as she can (her condition involves degeneration). Her parents and extended family are wonderful too.


Proud Parent
Mar 18, 2014
I would not suggest Chapel Hill gymnastics or Bull City gymnastics. Owners of both gyms are related. One of the family members is currently banned from USAG and in the middle of criminal proceedings for multiple sexual assault charges against several minor gymnasts as well as a domestic violence charges for assaulting his wife in front of his own child.

Hopefully someone else can tell you a good place for them, though.
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