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Proud Parent
Nov 28, 2021
My 6 year old is currently very into the idea of doing split jumps. I assume because they've been working on them in the gym.

Having watched her leaping around on the trampoline and on her little beam, I'm just curious about the different mechanics between doing it on the trampoline vs off the trampoline. Her front leg seems to give up off the trampoline.

I'm sure she'll figure it out in time, I just wondered what the big difference is (and maybe this is a really stupid question with an obvious answer but I'm such a beginner!).



May 3, 2022
Hi! I’m not a parent or a coach but I am a gymnast myself, and I think your daughters issue is height. It makes sense that her split jump has a nicer form on trampoline, as she has more height to get to the proper time. Remember, in most cases (Including this one), height=time. Your daughter may need to kick up harder and faster to be able to reach the same degree. I don’t know if she’s doing this, but she should be swinging back into a chair position as that will allow her more power to jump higher. This may take some time, but I suguest she tries a split leap, as she will be able to push off the ground more. This will take time, but if you don’t reach the same degree immediately that’s ok. Just try and balance out the front and back leg first before reaching a larger degree. Main thing is to make sure your daughter kicks her front leg fast and hard. I hope this helped in the meantime before you get a professional coach’s direction. Thank you

Canadian Gym Mom

Proud Parent
Jun 22, 2018
Doing split jumps on the trampoline is a great way to practice. Doing splits on the floor for better flexibility and leg strength exercises will also help. Getting that split jump from the ground is a lot harder then it looks! My daughter is just starting to have beautiful jumps now that she is 11 and been doing it for years!
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Proud Parent
Mar 16, 2011
There are a lot of drills to improve split jumps, using bands, stretches and exercises. At 6, she will likely not have fun doing them. Whatever she feels inclined to practice at home will help her. As the poster above indicated, a trampoline has more bounce and gives her more time in the air to hit the split. She’ll develop the strength and increased flexibility in time. Ballet can also be very helpful if she wants to do it.

Lastly, I noticed the split jump she is doing is on a floor beam with mats around it. This could also attribute to her insufficient split. She may be trying to land on the beam or has fear of not landing on the beam and hurting herself. I danced ballet for many years and I hit above a 180 degree split on floor. But when I tried doing it in my daughter’s beam, I barely hit 90 degrees because of fear! Haha
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Nov 16, 2012
It looks good for a 6 year old!

Fun ways to work split jumps for a young kid:

1. For this drill she needs 2 assistants. Parents or siblings work fine! Assistants hold pool noodles or something similar (like a stuffed animal) in the air, one in front of her and one behind her. Start at hip height and raise them gradually. She jumps and tries to touch the objects AT THE SAME TIME with both feet. If this is still too hard, make her stand between two sturdy chairs, hands on top of the back rest. Jump in the air and assist with hands. It makes is easier to coordinate the legs and gives a little bit more air time! And this is fun!

2. Make her hang on bar (in the playground, if you don't have a bar at home) and do the split motion with feet. This also helps to coordinate the legs, stay square and she can practice keeping the legs tight!

3. Make a headstand and try to do the split motion and then bring the legs back together quickly. This helps to understand the last part of the split jump.

4. Stand on elevated platform, like the lowest step of the stairs. Stand there sideways, as close to to the edge as possible. Then jump and make a split, and land on floor right next to the step. Put a mat there for the landing. This also gives her more air time and easier to do the split.

Have fun!
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