WAG Split leap floor and beam drills?

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Dec 22, 2013
My team is relatively weak on their split leaps and split jumps on both beam and floor.

There are several problems.

I have several that have good height and good split but their legs are bending getting the split position. Kind of a stag but it's certainly not a lift straight up with front or back leg.

On the beam, it's knees and toes. We have worked and worked and I'm just not seeing the improvement as quickly as I'd like. They can kick forwards and backwards with straight legs but seem to lose it on the leaps and jumps.

I also have a few that do the seesaw type leaps on beam---they are my weaker Level 3s.

I've tried several drills but if anyone has any suggestions I'm open. Thanks!
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When i raise my eye brows and look up i jump higher. Forward and backward kicks with weights helps too (like 100 each leg). :)
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