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split leaps?

Discussion in 'Question & Answer' started by froggythegymnast, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. froggythegymnast

    froggythegymnast Member

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  2. jazziigymnast

    jazziigymnast New Member

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    Don't worry, I had the same problem! You won't be able to fix your split leaps overnight, but if you practice regulary you'll soon see improvment!

    First off, you have to be able to do the splits, to be able to do a 180 degree split leap, like the gymnasts in your photos.
    I stretch for 30 minutes nearly every day, then hold splits for a few minutes. You can put your leg on a chair to practice hyper-splits too.

    Next, make sure you have a good run before you do the split leap(s). My coach says, you should only take 2-3 steps.
    Also, one leg is usually more flexible than the other, called the good/bad leg. Check that your doing your split leaps with your 'good' leg in front!

    If you practice and stretch properly, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic split leap sooner or later! Don't forget, nothing can beat the advice of a good gymnastics coach, so if you haven't already, ask your coach on some tips!

    I hope everything goes well!

    (P.S. if the tips I gave you don't make sense, please tell me!)
  3. tough gymnast

    tough gymnast Member

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    A good drill to do is put some weights on ur ankles and do leaps across the floor, also do ur splits and try to push them down a little farther each time hope this helps
  4. Kiwi

    Kiwi Coach Coach Proud Parent Gymnast Judge

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    New Zealand New Zealand
    Not that I can do a good split leap, but one coach taught me to practice split jumps on a tumble track or trampoline. I usually do some concentrating on lifting the front leg high, then do some concentrating on lifting the back leg high, and then do some trying to lift both legs high at the same time. Another coach taught me to lift my chin up high, as this seems to help with lifting higher off the ground. (As I said, I'm not that good at it, but that's more about me than the coaches).

  5. B Gymnast

    B Gymnast Guest

    BE AGGRESSIVE and SHOVE!!!!!!!! :D
  6. tumbling.gymnast!

    tumbling.gymnast! New Member

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    By looking at your split leaps it doesn't seem like your flexibility is up to scratch. i had the same problem a year again. So what my coach told me was that to be able to do an amazing 180degree split leap you need over splits on the ground because our theory is that doing splits on the floor is easy cus you have the floor to push down into and to rest on, but in the air your legs need to be flexible and powerful enough to push up. Not sure if that makes sense but its easier to understand in person :) i wishyou luck with them and hoping you get them soon :)
  7. Flippers Mom

    Flippers Mom Member

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    Flipper has used resistance bands (similar to large rubber bands) to train the leg muscles to pull the legs up against force. You can see the results in the Flipper folder in the photo section. Oversplits are a must on the floor and practice, practice, practice.
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