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Nov 8, 2014
So, I was wondering if anybody has any experience with the skin at the base of the big toe splitting. This is the second time this has happened, and it is quite the nuisance!
I was vaulting yesterday, felt it split while I was running, & sure enough, when I landed and looked at my foot, there was a fairly deep cut at the base of my big toe where it meets my foot.
The pain level is equivalent to a bad rip, which shouldn't be a big deal. However, my concern is keeping bacteria out to avoid infection. I've tried wrapping a bandaid & tape around it & up onto the top of my toe, but it just falls off. Does anybody know of a better way to tape it so that it'll stay? That area is so hard to keep anything on!
The last time this happened, it took FOREVER to heal. When I walk, run, tumble etc. it splits back open as soon as it starts to heal. Does anybody know how to speed up the healing process?
One thing that should help is keeping it well covered at night. use a cream, bandage and sock. Even after it heels, be proactive about keeping ti from getting dried out so ti's elss liley to split again.

Can you get gym shoes to wear until it's healed?
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Isn't there some sort of "skin" like thing to put on rips to help them heal? That would likely work. Also tape around the toe and foot to keep it in place.
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Thank you all for your suggestions! I have been using Neosporin & taping it before bed. I'm not sure if the kinesio tape would stay on for gymnastics, but it would probably work for track, so I'll try that! I've had a sprained foot, & the kinesio tape they put on it just rolled up. But it should stay on inside my shoe. Could vitamin E oil help the healing process?
I may look into some gym shoes. That would at least keep it covered. Where is a good place to buy those?
I tried new skin the last time, but it just cracks around the split as soon as I bend my toe back.
Yep - athlete's foot will do this. If it is, you'd be wise to get rid of it before it gets into the nails.
This is a possibility since I also do track. Is this typically how it starts? It's only one split under my big toe. The last time this happened was probably two years ago, so it doesn't happen frequently & I haven't had any other weird foot issues.
But I definitely don't want my feet to end up looking like the ones that google images pulled up! Yuck!
If it's just on the skin, the stuff they sell at the drug store or grocery store will usually clear it up, assuming you don't have any allergies or other reasons not to use the cream (work that part out with your parents).
Dd gets athletes foot and it always starts as a crack behind one of her toes. We use canestan and it is usually gone within a few days.
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