Splits problem

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Jul 17, 2016
Hi everyone !

First,i don't know if this topic is appropriate in this forum but i hope it does !
I wanted some testimony from you guys because , i got my front split ( good leg) 6 months ago, and even though i stretch frequently ( 3 times a week approximatively, sometimes more ) i still don't feel really comfortable in it as i am in my straddle split for exemple. The problem is that i don't seem to progress, the pain did reduce but it's not like confortable as i thought it would be

Is there a point where my front split is gonna be painless ? because i sometime feel like i'm not progressing despite my efforts. Is this something that is happening to some of you ? let me know what you think :)
I have both my right and left splits all the way down but still feel a little bit of pain when doing them. So I'm not sure that they ever become painless but they do become way less painful!
For me, it improved when i had oversplits onto my bed ( about 1 meter high). I also have the luck of being natural flexible, so i got it after 2 days of trying with my good leg, and about a month with my bad leg
Not open for further replies.