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Aug 30, 2008
do u have- all three splits down
1 split down
two splits down
your strtaddle
all 3 splits down on a mat
1 split down on a mat
2 splits down on a mat
stradd;e down on a mat
all three down on floor
right leg on panel mat
left leg on panel mat (only if i stretch if for a little bit, though)
I have left, right and middle down on ground. Then left and right on panel mats and middle I used to but haven't tried to see if I can go down in a while on middle.

I've got all my splits. I used to Not be able to do them but every day after I would take my shower I would stretch and in about 2 weeks I was on the floor.
R leg on 2 panel mats
L leg on 1 panel mat
Straddles are all over the place. I can go flat on good days, and I look like a tent on bad days.
Not open for further replies.