sports ability post gymnastics

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no, but gymnasts often make excellent high jumpers, long/triple jumpers, runners, divers, as well as many others.
balance is great for other sports

graceful -

Thanks for the response! Gymnastics definitely builds great attributes which can be used in other sports. I may just try a new "balance" type sport that the Sports Potential test recommends. Did you try the test?
Snowboarding-4 from max(right side),Speedskating-5 from max, Road Biking-6 from max, Surfing-7 from max,Fencing-22 from max,Squash-24 from max. Those were the six sports it gave me.

Height:9 from the max.(right side)
Weight:14 from max.
Hand/Eye Coordination:9 from min.(left side)-I've never done any sports w/balls lol
Power: 4 from max.( i jump 6 feet ten in standing long jump and I'm only five three.) I went to a state competition for it and got fourth place evn though everyone else was way taller.
balance it is!

Hi Graceful,

We definitely have similar results, which would indicate our similarities in training! Are you still in gymnastics? What level?

Have you ever tried any of the sports shown? I tried snowboard last season and may attempt it again because I do have good balance. Maybe I've found a new sport!

Did you like taking the test? I liked the hand-eye, but I also have never played any ball sports.
I am a level six right now. I have never gotten a chance to try out any of the sports from my results though. I enjoyed the test and the hand-eye part was very cool, how it worked.
I know exactly what you mean--I was a gymnast for 13 years and I just retired a year ago. I'm still having trouble figuring something out. I'm thinking about Rock Climbing; i've done it before and I do love it.
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