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Jan 8, 2006
Ahwahnee, CA
Does anyone else here have a Sports Acro team at their gym? Our gym has always had one, but it seems to be really flourishing this year. Last year 2 of our pairs made 2nd place at Nationals. They are a lot of fun to watch. We have a really good level 8 trio coming up for next spring and watching them stack up and toss their top around is pretty fun. The demos we've done recently seem to bring in more developmental acro kids than artistic. It sort of too bad that it would be cost prohibitive to do both, besides the seasons run concurrent with optionals, because our level 8 artistic team would make a great acro trio too. When we were without an optional coach, they worked out with the acro team twice a week. They had lots of fun with that.

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
It definitely looks like fun, and I'd love to see about starting an acro team at my own gym.

Anybody have information on how to start an acro team? What's the competetive organization? What official paperwork do I have to do? Where can I find out about the rules, etc?
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I think it would be an awesome addition to any team! I love watching people perform--it's truly amazing!
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