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I would be interested to hear from coaches regarding coils in the springboard. My daughter is practicing level 8 skills. She is ten years old and weighs 55 pounds. Her vaulting coach keeps 7 coils in the springboard for all the girls. Some weigh 125 pounds. She does an OK vault with 7 springs, but does a much better vault with 5 or 6 coils. Any opinions?
My girls are both little weight wise. The vault height is mandated by fig or provincial guidelines here. But the coach adjusts springboards for each jumper. IN some rotations she may move one of 3 different boards into place and change as many springs are needed.

Maybe you should talk to the coach about it, they may be resistant as it is more work, but at level 7 your DD has earned the right to a bit of individualisation.
5 good springs would be far plenty for a girl of only 55lbs. 7 springs could be harmful to her legs in the long run. That is a lot of force she will be using to make an impact on the board.
7 is too many if she weighs 55 pounds.

I shouldn't be so blunt when I answer. There are some variables that can cause a gymnast to use more or less springs. One thing is for sure...a 55 lb. gymnast will not use the same amount of springs as a 125 lb. gymnast.
I appreciate the responses. I have talked with the head coach regarding this. He agrees 7 is to many, but the vault coach is to stubborn? lazy? set in his ways? pick one. They will change the springboard when the "smaller" girls vault to one with 5 or 6 springs but that lasts about 3 or 4 days and back to the same 7 springs. This has been an issue for months. I am a Physician Assistant and have many times told the coaches my concern that she and others may develop stress fractures and other injuries from the amount of force they have to hit the springboard with to many springs.
Not open for further replies.