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gym monkeys mom

Proud Parent
Oct 3, 2007
Ok so here is the good and ok things about the Gopher Invite Meet my DD was in last night. It was our 1st meet this season.

1st rotation bars UGH!! Ok so for those of you who do not know my DD doesn't do her giant yet she has had a mental block for about 1 year. So starting on bars not great but oh well. Are you ready for the good news

1 real very nice giant during warm ups. :cloud9: YEAH!!!!!! Way to Go Monkey Girl!!!!!

For the meet she missed her giant but, went for it no blocks at all. She got down looked at her coach and was mad she missed her giant and wasted so much energy on it all. LOL Unfortunately she got no credit for her giant as she was not 20 degrees from hand stand before she fell so says the judges. oh well who cares. She tried and I am proud. Score 7.05

Beam went well 1 fall on a stupid thing 3/4 jump never missed one all last year. UGH! But I am still proud Score 8.3

Floor looked nice neeeds to polish a few skills up and basically finish thing but it went fine. Score 8.35

Vault she loves to vault and looks good. She got a medal yippee!! Score 8.775

AA 32.475 That is a decent score for her about where she was middle of last year so I am happy and so is she. We competed Sunday pm at 6:30pm too 9:00. UGH that is way to late for sunday pm.

Thanks for all the support you have given mee and DD during this madness we call a sport.

We have another meet this weekend. We are all so happy over here.

Oh yeah we also got to hang with kristilyn and Beetle that was fun thanks guys we love ya!!
OMG!!! I'm so happy to hear that your DD went for the giant!!! I know that just going for it was a major hurdle for her to overcome...even better than any medal!!! So happy for her!!! All her other scores were good too! It's all coming go rock!!!:D
What great scores for a first meet, congrats to DD for conquering the giant fear at the meet, maybe next time it will be there during the actual meet too. She has worked very hard and should be so porud. Glad you got to meet some other CB ers, that is so much fun.
How brave of her to try the giant despite her mental block! Even if she didn't get it, trying is awesome! Congrats on the medal. Sounds like a great meet all around. :)
Good for her - trying the giant anyways:)! That is a huge step in the right direction! Wow, that is a late meet for a Sunday! Sounds like she had a pretty good meet, and another one this weekend - good luck:D! My dd always seems to do better at meets when they are crammed together (every weekend), than when they are spaced apart. I guess it gets her in the mode:D!!!
Beetle and I wish we were able to stay for Gym Monkey's meet! It was great to have you guys at Beetle's meet! Even though she was a little bummed at home that night having Gym Monkey there was the highlight for her!

Have a great week! Good luck this weekend!

Hugs to you both! And congrats again on the Giant!!!
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