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Standing Back Tuck or Layout Stepout

Discussion in 'The Chalk Bucket' started by B Gymnast, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. B Gymnast

    B Gymnast Guest

    ((on the floor)) any tips?? if I'm gonna have to do either on the beam in 2 years then i probably need to get them on the floor :D i go for them it's just i can't land it.. on my back tuck i just think my rotation is kind of slow and on my layout stepout...well any help is great :)

  2. B Gymnast

    B Gymnast Guest

    Hhhheeeeelllppp!!!!!! :D
  3. gymdog

    gymdog Well-Known Member Coach Proud Relative Former Gymnast

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    Standing layout is a lot harder than standing back tuck. You should master the standing back tuck and then the standing back pike before attempting to practice this on floor. The one leg step out landing leaves you particularly vulnerable to ankle or foot injuries from landing short.
  4. B Gymnast

    B Gymnast Guest

    i would do either a cartwheel or a bhs into it.. i wouldn't even think about trying it from a stand :D lol

  5. 10.0

    10.0 Guest

    You said you have 2 years until you need to worry about it, so why not work up to it slowly with drills. Ask your coach, that is what they are there for, I am sure he/she will have some ideas for you.
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