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Nov 3, 2010
So today my coach wanted one of my teammates and I to go do standing backs off of the vault table into the pit. I am fine jumping and tucking and landing on my back, but when it comes to flipping it, I can't get myself to do it. So I moved to a lower edge, I still couldn't do it! I'm so mad at myself. I overthink so much and I think that's going to be my downfall. Not to mention, I'm perfectly fine with front ANYTHING, but back skills terrify me, especially back walkovers on beam. I don't know what my problem is, but I'm so mad at myself. Any advice? Thanks in advance :)
When I go, I get butterflies for the first then try and relax and if you think too much, like I do, try not to think of the worst possible thing and go for it.
There is nothing wrong with some fear, fear is healthy and it keeps you alive in the gym. It is what stops you from running in and saying "hmm I reckon I'll throw a triple back today and see how I go".

The key is learning to control your fear. Each skill can be broken into many steps. Your back walkover on beam starts as a back walkover on floor, then on the line the floor, then on allow beam with mats around and over the top with spot, and so on until you get to the stage where you can do it on high beam by yourself.

Break down the skill and find out where you feel comfortable and where you start to get scared. Go to the highest step you can do and do it 100 times until you feel so confident your are ready to step on. If you get stiuck you need to create and in between step.

If you are scared ask yourself why? Maybe you are worried you will hit the side so you solve it by putting a mat on the side and so on.

People your age must go through a stage where they learn the difference between irrational and rational fear. If your coach feels you can do it and you have mastered all the pre steps then in all likelihood you can do it.
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AussieCoach....your response is one of the most helpful and useful posts I think I've read on this forum. Great advice. I'm going to make sure my daughter reads this. She is starting to get into some bigger skills and I'm sure will begin having fear issues. Just in case her coach doesn't break it down for her like this, I want her to be thinking like this.
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