Standing flick (/bhs)

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Oct 5, 2008
As many of you know i quit gym years ago but went back about 7 months ago. All my skills were still there, except... a standing flick/bhs. I can do a great flick off a roundoff, and with a spot i can do a really good standing flick, but on my own they're rubbish! Occasionally one is ok but 80% of them are awful! I land on my head and everything... it's weird cause i can do them so well off a roundoff and can do loads in a row etc.

Any suggestions!? It's really annoying cause we're starting to put flicks on beam but i still can't do a standing flick on floor! It's easier for me to do a standing whip... stupid or what! I don't think i'll ever get a proper standing flick :(
Sep 9, 2007
Sounds like you don't have the push/momentum/speed to get your feet over your head when you're doing a standing that you have when you're doing the r/o first.

Try this.
Stand with your hands stretched above your head (straight). Then have get somone to put their hands on top of yours and push their hands up with your fingers until you're standing on your toes and pushing with the tops of your fingers like you're holding up the ceiling. Your body should feel all tight, like it should when you do a bhs. Slowly bring your hands down to your sides but keep stretching UP.

When you actually do a bhs you should jump (for want of a better word) and AIM to a little bit above your head. THINK when you're doing it. Don't just throw. Keep your arms straight and stretched like you're holding up the ceiling. Draw an imaginary line from your waist, to above your head and a little bit beyond it, too. You get 80% of your power from keeping that stretchedness (I need better words) and throwing your arms behind your head. Remember to keep your shoulders in line with your arms.

Good luck!
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