WAG Standing up from a backbend

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Jan 17, 2023
Here is something I don’t get: I can do a front handspring, a front handspring step out, a front tuck on tumbletrack, and I know while I’m not strong, I‘m definitely not as weak as I used to be when I first started gymnastics again (so around 6-7 months ago). yes I know they’re basic skills, easy even, but they’re more difficult than standing up from a bridge.

Despite those forward skills I have, I cannot stand up from a backbend. I don’t know why! I know I have the core strength necessary but I cant stand up from one without rocking back and forth first. I try and pull myself up and if I don’t catch myself through weird acrobatic movements I fall straight to my back. I know it’s not a super important skill, and I can already do a front handspring, but I want to be able to do a front walkover because……well, just because. My front limber is very inconsistent and like I said I can only do it when rocking back and forth on my hands first. I’ve been trying to get my front limber consistent for months at this point…..and advice is very much appreciated!
A front handspring and front tuck don't require a lot of flexibility (just a small arch), while a front limber does.

Also it takes time. For me it took like 3 months to get a backbend, and another 5 months to make it pretty and consistent. It took me like 9 months to get a front limber. Make sure you don't rush it because doing endless repetitions of any limbers/walkovers ends in a very sore back.

Advice: work on increasing your back flexibility - the closer your arms are to your feet in your backbend the easier it will be to push off. Also work on your shoulder strength and flexibility. Think of standing up from your bridge like doing your shoulder block in your front handspring. It requires a strong shoulder push.

Hope this helps!
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Push your hips forward over your feet to stand up. Standing up from a Brody is a counter balance, you need to push the centre of gravity forward.
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