Starting A New Program! Need Suggestions!

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Feb 23, 2011
Hi everyone!

I am a previous gymnast and coach who has been given the opportunity of starting my own gymnastics program at a local YMCA. I am so excited :D as this has been a goal of my for some time now and would love some ideas on how to 'wow' parents and potential gymnasts at our open house which will take place in a few weeks. We will be offering free demo classes, as well as games, prizes, and free snacks. What other activities would you guys suggest in order to get kids in the door? And by the way, this program is in a very poor part of town (over 90% of the YMCA's members are on financial assistance/scholarships) so I am working with VERY limited equipment ( a few fold out mats and a high beam to be exact)!
Because you used to be a gymnast, you could put on a little show for "hem on beam or floor or both. Then at the end of your mini performance you would say . . . "if you join you will be able to do that too."
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