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My DD had her first Lvl 4 practice today! We compete in the fall so our new training starts now. She was very excited to start the new level. However I think the biggest thing to her today was getting a Locker at the gym. Who knew a locker would mean so much to a 9 year old.:D
Congrats to her!! Lockers are HUGE. They don't assign them at our gym and the girls that don't have locks are always losing them to other girls. Good luck to her in L4! This is a good time to move girls up for fall, IMO. Gives them a good bit of time to learn routines, etc.

You will find tons of info here and some really awesome people as well. It is a great place! :)
Congrats to dd:D! I don't know if your gym competes before level 4 or not, but I know it is pretty exciting for the girls to make it to "team"! We don't have lockers - I am sure that is a pretty cool part of moving up:cool:! Have fun and enjoy the ride:)!
CONGRATS to your DD on her making the team! Yup, those lockers are THE most important thing at first. At our old gym eventually my DD decided not to use the locker and share w/older girl who had TONS of stuff in there and instead opted for a rec cubby. At our new gym location (same gym new location) we got a locker room and the lockers are assigned. On 2 days, DD has locker to herself, but on Sat it is stuffed to the top with older girls stuff again, LOL! good luck on the training!
Congrats to your dd!! She must be so excited to be on team!! :)
That is cute that the lockers are such a big deal to her! My dd cant wait to get one but she has a long ways to go still!
I didn't know this locker thing was such a big deal. At our former gym, the team girls had no lockers---just a little room to put gym bags in. When we moved to the current gym, my gymmie who was 11 and had been on team for 2 yrs(at old gym) couldn't stop talking about getting a locker. She had to organize it and decorate it. Unreal what floats their boat!!!

BTW-- to OP, good luck at L4.
COngrats on making L4 team.

No lockers here either, we have a pile of grip bags near the bars and my dd's keep a bag of stuff in the changing room. It can be a total disaster on some Saturday lunchtimes, rec, pretam and team all at the same tim!
Pretty exciting stuff! Our gym only has lockers and a seperate changing room for optional team. Very special indeed. You don't just GET a locker, you have to earn it. :) Everyone else gets assigned cubbies, which are nice, but they aren't lockers by any means.

Great news on L4. My dd can't wait till spring comp's are done and move on. Shes getting very bored with the L3 routines.
Congrats to the new Level 4!! Can't wait to see how her first season goes.
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