Starting out in bad shape?

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Jun 18, 2012
I've wanted to tumble all my life. Starting to develop some health problems (minor at this point, but now's when to take care of them) & doc says I need to lose weight & exercise - no restrictions. I'd love to do this in ways that interest me, "normal" exercise does not. I probably could start in an adult gymnastics class, but my question is that at 30ish, 220+lbs, & unable to do things like pushups, would I be over my head to the point that I'd be better off losing some of the weight & building muscle in more conventional ways until I'm at a better starting point?
Feb 26, 2007
Perhaps a daily walking program coupleD with a healthy, balanced diet is a good start on the road to the gym. Then looking at some basic strength and core building exercises to move you towards your goal. At the same time beginning to work on flexibility in your shoulders and legs.

When you walk in the gym door you do want to be able to be strong enough for basic skills and for the running around it involves. Gymnastics is hard on the body, so being in good shape when you begin would mean there is less chance for injury.

I would look for a trainer who can help work you through your goals one step at a time and motivate you safely. You could also go to look at adult gym programmes in your area, go watch a class and talk to the coaches about your goals, they are the best resource you could have, as only they really can see what will work for you.

Weight is not something we allow discussion of on the CB due to the problems that surround the topic. So please be mindful of this.
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Mar 20, 2009
perhaps crossfit would be a good starting point for you? there are many cf gyms which have "on ramp" classes, that run several weeks and get you started with some basic athletic things (like pull up, push up, squat, dead lift, run and the like).


Proud Parent
Jul 14, 2010
New Zealand
I am the same, I don't enjoy normal exercise, but love gymnastics! It depends on what the adult class is like, how well they cater to individual needs. I'm sure there are some things you'd be able to do, including conditioning and stretching. You might need to gradually work your way up to the tumbling. You could also try trampolining. It's good exercise, with some of the excitement value of tumbling.
Feb 26, 2011
I think Bog and Nicki both had great suggestions, but I just want to add a comment about cross fit. This may depend on which cross fit gym you go to, but from my observations (and those of my mom who has been a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer most of her life, and is now almost done with her pilates certification) cross fit is not good to start out with. A lot of the things they have you do can be harmful to people who aren't in shape and they often don't teach proper form for their exercises. Things like dead lifts can cause serious injury if they are done with improper form. Obviously there may be cross fit gyms out there that are better and do emphasize correct form, but from what my mom and I have seen at gyms in our area, that doesn't seem to be the case everywhere.
Mar 20, 2009
it really depends on the crossfit gym. there are great ones, and there are really really horrible ones. you have to find someone with a really good on ramp class and never ever let you do anything with less than perfect form. (i am a weightlifing coach and i sometimes want to cry when i see what cf does sometimes to our moves... it hurts to watch. really depends on the gym so.)
Jun 11, 2012
the best way to lose weight is by doing cardio exercises, because it works the whole body instead of just certain areas. A good way to start out might be speed walking, so that you walk almost at a jogging pace, but go at your own speed.

Another thing that I myself like to do is "Count Downs". They can be done with any exercises, but ill use an example. for the first week start at five:

1. 5 jumping jacks
5 jumps where you do jumping jacks but with your hands on your hips instead of waving in the air
5 lunge jumps (one leg bent a little in front, the other is straight and in the back, then jump and switch legs)
5 straight jumps
then you do 4 of each thing, then 3, then 2, and then 1.

for every week you can add an exercise like push ups where your knees are on the ground or sit ups, etc.
i hope you find this helpful! :) good luck
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