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Aug 30, 2008
hi, i m a gymnast and have been away from usag for a year and 1/2! I quit for 7 months, came back to mdl, which is a more laid back team and start usag again on thursday! :jaw-dropping: i am going to most likely be sooooo sore on friday, and i have practice thu, fri, sat! lol, it should be interestin.:)
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Congratulations on your return. I'm sure you'll do great! And yeah, you probably will be sore. :D Good luck to you! What level will you be doing?
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Welcome gymgirl!!! My 9 yr old dd just started MDL level 4 this past May and is so excited!! She has been cheering for the past 3 years so gymnastics is pretty new to her. Our gym has USAG also, but dd's coach suggested MDL for her first season because of the "laid back" atmosphere of it. She still trains a lot of hours but competitions won't be as strict and there won't be as many (that is what I have heard so far). I would love to know more about MDL (can't find much on the internet). Is it ok if I email you and ask you some questions?

Congrats on coming back and good luck this season!!!


Thats great that you returned! Yes, you will be sore LOL. But, I guess thats all part of it.:)
Aug 30, 2008
thnx everyone! yesterday was my first day back and it was awesome. i m not as sore as i thought id been, but i still need toget back lots of muscle!:D
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