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I'm just starting in Gymnastic's and I have some really bad flexability. I'd really like to get to a split, but I'm NO where near it at this point. Does anyone have any good advice, stretches, guides, etc. That I can use to work on my flexability. I plan on stretching every night and double time when I go to the gym 2-4 days a week.

Haha! This is funny because I also started doing my splits about a week ago. So here's how I do it:

1- I warm up my legs
- I do some legs kicks (if that makes sense)
- and i stretch in a straddle position.

2- I do the splits. lol.

yeah i don't think i have a special thing for you, but the thing I do to increase my flexiblity
( i was at about 20 cm off the ground when i started this week and now im at about 3 cm)
is too stay in splits as long as you can. and do not push if it hurts. i mean if your really high above the floor and it hurts stay at that position until it doesn't hurt anymore, and then go down a little.

that's what I do! and it really had help me! anyway hope you'll like my technique!! :D
Get your legs warmed up somehow. Doing about 10-15 leg swings will loosen up your hips, lower back, and hamstrings. You could also do a bunch of air squats or jumping jacks or jump rope.

Since you're a beginner, focus on initially holding for 20-30s, 15s at bare minimum. Try to ramp this up to a minute or two over a month or so.

Before front splits, do the kneeling pike and knee lunge before front splits. I prefer two reps of each. As well, I like altering the knee lunge to doing it where the knee is off the floor and straight as it really stretches it out more.

For middle splits, pancake and side splits work well enough. Perhaps some froggy splits at times.

While you're at it you'll want to work your pike stretch and hip flexor holds and circles in either pike or straddle position. These are of a great benefit to learning a lot of skills likes presses and everything else.

Stretches for Splits
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