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Hey guys!!! I am in currently in 8th grade and a friend of mine would like to start a team once we start high school. She learned that you can start a highschool team as long as you follow the requirements. We are all not going to go to the same schoools but that is ok, as long as the requirements are followed. I really want to do the team. I have been a gymnast for 10 years but I have been at a rec facility. I go to GYMINNY KIDS and i love it. i do not ever want to leave. i went to a competitve gym for a was a camp and i did not like how things were taught. it wasnt my style... everything had to be perfect. one of the coaches told me i wasnt good enough to be at the level i am at and then the next day asked me to compete for the gym. needless to say, i said no. i do not wish to attend a new gym but i would like to compete at highschool level. i am currently a level 6 and do not know wut level 2 compete at since there is no level 6 in wut we wud do...should i do optional or level skills are pretty good...i think...i can do fulls on floor. and flyawayss and back-walkovers on beam and am working on vault is pretty good 2...i think i would be able to get the skills in time before we started...any advice? PLEASE!
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I guess we need to know what the requirements are for high school optionals. Does anyone know were to find the info on high school optionals for California?:confused:

Audra and I will look into it for you if no one has any answers.



I do not know where to find the requirements...if anyone knows please post on this!!!
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