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Jan 1, 2014
Michigan, Region 5
The NJ Xcel State Championship meet was this past weekend (April 30th - May 1st). The Aero Flyers had a fantastic showing. I literally was in the best mood this whole week! :D

When all was said and done, I had three state champions. THREE!!! My talented seven year old Bronze, my super consistent 8 year old Silver, and my hard working and dedicated 10 year old Gold. I was ecstatic! My Bronze won the all-around four times this season, and my Silver won five AA titles! My Gold girl, however, I am the most proud of. She was fighting all season against a huge confidence struggle on beam. She is an absolutely beautiful gymnast on every event, and hit beam consistently in practice. Unfortunately, when it came to competing balance beam, she fell apart. She had multiple falls from beam at almost every single meet this season, and it really killed her all-around. I knew deep down that if she managed to hit beam, she could be a state champion, though.
At the state meet, we started on bars first. She did a pretty good set (ended up placing 3rd on bars, 9.2). Beam was next and I was biting my nails off! She fell on her cartwheel, but she got back up and I could see the determination on her face. She finished the routine beautifully, and still managed to score a 9, which placed her 3rd. I suppose this lit a fire under her because she proceeded to dominate the next two events. It was incredible. Next, she performed the best floor routine I've ever seen her do. It was mesmerizing. The judge was smiling during her whole routine. She got 1st place with a 9.5. Finishing up on vault, she nailed a solid 9.55, putting her in 1st place for vault, too.
She looked so confident the whole meet, and she even told me before beam that she wasn't even nervous, and that she felt really good. It was then that I knew she was going to kill it, and she totally did. Her smile was enormous on the podium, and she gave me the biggest hug afterward. I was SO proud! :D:D:D

This is a video of her beam routine in practice, although she performed it far better at the meet!

All the other girls ended up having their best meet of the season, even if they didn't win the AA. Some of them won multiple events and 2nd, 3rd place AA, etc. I was over the moon. My whole team of twelve girls hit so hard at the apex meet of the season, and it was truly magical. I love my girls and I love my job.

A very proud coach right here. :D
Awesome! Congratulations! :D
It's the best feeling to see them succeed after struggling!
Fantastic achievemnent!

However do you have written permission from the parents of these children to a) video them and b) post on a public forum where anybody can view them.
Sounds like lots of reasons to be a proud coach! It seems you have a great working relationship with your gymnasts. Congrats on the season.
Awesome job, coach! Always so great for them to hit when it counts, especially when they have been struggling.
I know you had been thinking about switching some of your girls to the JO track, is that still a possibility?
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