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Jun 12, 2011
Idaho Falls, ID- Region 2
It was our state meet this weekend and DD did a fantastic job coming on 3rd AA for her division and 15 out of all of the level 6s. She didn't win any events but came in 3rd on floor with her highest score of the year, 4th on bars with another season high score, 5th on vault with her second highest score and 5th on beam. She was very disappointed with her beam. It had been her strongest event all year placing 1st in almost all of her meets all season. Beam was last and she was last to go. She must have had a brain fart because after a beautiful routine she did the LEVEL 5 dismount! She was so sad afterwards. Came up to the stands crying but after a moment she realized that everything else went fantastic and stuff happens. When she came in 3rd AA with her highest score all season she was much better. Although you could totally tell she wasn't happy with 5th on beam.

I am so proud of her! 3rd place is fantastic and she is SO excited to move on and learn new things! 10 minutes after awards she was ALL smiles and said, I can't wait until Monday! I asked why and she said because I get to really start new things and I NEVER have to look at a handstand dismount again!
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Congrats to her. I agree about the HS dismount!!!! My older DD just finished level 6 states and she is also looking forward to trying new things! :)
Sounds like she had a great meet! Yep, the first thing out of my dd's mouth after level 6 state meet was "now I never have to do another handstand dismount!".
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