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We are finished for the year. DD didn't make regionals though. Missed it by .175!!!!!!!! Sooo close. But we are very proud of her. She was very upset right after, but her team was there to support her and after we all went out for pizza and ice cream and had a great time celebrating the end of the season. She was totally fine by the time we got home last night. It was a long day. She had the first session, 8am, so we were up at 4:30 to get ready. Two hour drive. Today I am dragging!!

Vault first, fell on tsuk, then did her half & half, couple of steps 8.250. 12th pl
Bars, she has done better, but not her worst either. 8.350. 6th pl
Beam, nailed bh-bh, tiny wobble landing back flip but stayed on. 8.875 3rd pl
Floor, she usually does much better on floor, but it was OK. 8.350 9th pl
33.825 5th AA tie.

She has struggled with level 8 at this gym (very small gym) so we are making the move to a new one May 1. This meet was her "swan song" with this gym.
Kinda sad too, because we haven't told anyone yet, we didn't want to interfere with State training. Next year (hopefully) we will see a new and improved Flipper. She is so very excited about the new gym. Wish us luck!
Nov 5, 2007
So sorry to hear she did not make it to Regionals.It is also worse because it was only by a fraction.One of our girls wasn't going to make the qualifying score.The coach challanged one of the sores because they did not give her a connection bonus.She got her score raised and made it after all.
Good luck with the new gym.
Feb 26, 2007
Nice job, shame for her about regionals but lovely the way the team closed around her, that team spirit is lovely.

Good luck with the gym change.
Sep 8, 2007
Congrats to your dd she did great! Sorry to hear about regionals I am sure it can be rough when they are so close.I wish her good luck @ her new gym.
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