States on Sun!!!

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Sep 8, 2007
She has an 8am start time ouch!!.It seems like it has taken forever to come.It should be very exciting for them our states are at Wide world of sports @ Disney.She has had a very rough time on bars and she really wants to do good.There coach last night told them that they are not doing kips starting with there pullover(WHAT)I do not understand the reasoning for that.4 of the girl including my dd have there kip in aau fl if you start with kip you get 10 start value with pullover start 9.5, If they start with kip and do not make they start at 9.5 max ded. on kip .3.So why not let them try?Please send some bar fairiers our way sun a.m.!!!
Nov 5, 2007
Good Luck to your daughter,especially on bars.I'm with you.I think they should let them try doing the kip.
Feb 26, 2007
Best of luck for States, nice to have it at Diney, my girls would faint if they were headed there!

THat kip bonus sounds like it is worth doing. Coaches?


Good luck. I can tell you it is such a relief when it if over.

The only reason I can think to keep the kip out is if there are bent arms/legs and lack of connection. Sometimes the deductions can add up to more than the .5.

Hope all her routines go great!
Sep 8, 2007
We get to do the kip after all ,the coach either had the wrong paperwork or was confused ,since the kip bonus is only for FL AAU when we do meets with girls from other states we have to go by AAU national which is no kip .Tonight was the last practice before states and the only time all week they have practied kips she did get about 5 kips but since she as an awful time with her shoot thru she practiced about a hour on bars and her hands are blistered.So now we are trying to heal them quick!Her coach says if she gets her kip at warmup at the meet she will let her compete with kip if not she will not let her .Even with a rough practice she was in good spirits she says if she gets a 10 on bars she wants to go to mcdonalds and duncan doughnuts!Please sending healing hand powers!

Granny Smith

Proud Parent
Jun 21, 2007
GL tomorrow, since you are at Disney, I am hoping that some pixie dust comes your dd's way and she has a magical bar routine!!! ;)
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